Meg's Got Seoul

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The Korean misadventures of a rehabilitated news writer.


Hello. My name is Meg. As you may have gathered, I live in Korea. The southern one. Seoul, to be specific, which is not even that specific because Seoul is a monstrously large city.

Before I lived here, I was a television news writer in the lovely (and considerably smaller, though equally cold) city of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Earth.  I spent two years in the constant adrenaline rush that comes with working in a crowded, active newsroom that also serves as the background for the local news show. You know those tiny people walking around in the background of your news? I was one of those people.

After a while, I decided that writing voiceovers about skunks with bottles stuck on their head was getting a bit old, and it was time for a new adventure.

Through some internet research, I stumbled upon the world of teaching English abroad. From there, I found out about South Korea's amazing EPIK program, which brings in native English teachers to public schools (and pays quite handsomely in the process). I got my certificate in teaching English as a foreign language, packed up my life, said goodbye to everyone I love, and flew halfway around the world.

Now, I work in a very small public elementary school in northeast Seoul. It's not without its challenges, but I'm having the time of my life. Every day brings new insights and new chances for me to learn and grow.

So, welcome. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures (and misadventures) as much as I'm enjoying having them.


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