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Our Mission Statement:

We are the international Korean community online for any Kyopo in the world. We aim to bring all the Kyopos around the world together in order to connect, share ideas, enjoy each other’s company, and build a stronger community. We aim to inform Kyopos about valuable resources in the country they live in.

Author Information:  zergsprincess

Bio:Hey, I’m Jenny. Just a simple gal.
A Korean-American amongst many other things who want to bring all kyopos together.
I dance like no one’s watching.
 am an aspiring food connoisseur. 

Sometimes I dress nice, sometimes I don’t do it very well.

Littering is not cool. Learning stuff makes me want to learn more about stuff.
Right now I’m learning a bit of German.
I like good people and good company.
Thanks for visiting, talk soon.

저는 단순한 교포가 아니에요.
저는 댄서입니다.
저는 미식가입니다.
자연을 사랑하고, 배우기 좋아합니다.
지금은 독일어를 배우고 있습니다.
저는 교포와 사람들을 연결하고 싶습음니다.
저는 친구입니다.

Ich bin Amerikanerin mit koreanischer Herkunft.
Ich bin eine Tänzerin. Ich mag Mode.
Ich liebe die Umwelt. Ich möchte Menschen zusammenbringen.



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