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  • How To Say ‘Snack’ In Korean

    Sometimes your stomach is growling for food, but you either don’t have the time or desire to eat a full meal, so you’ll just eat a snack. Other times, you’re not even hungry but may want to snack on something while watching your favorite movie for the tenth time, so that’s what you’ll get. So today you’ll learn with us how to say snack in Korean, and then you can spice up your snacking life!


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  • The K-Pop Industry in Korea

    For the Western audience, K-Pop might still be a relatively new addition to their music lists, one that they are still in the midst of getting accustomed to. For many, perhaps they weren’t aware of the existence of the k-pop industry until Gangnam Style hit the radios a few years back. And even then, until the craze with BTS began, they most likely didn’t take k-pop or the k-pop industry seriously at all.


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  • How To Say ‘Headache’ In Korean

    Sometimes it is unavoidable and you get sick while in another country. Whether it’s something small like a cold, or something more severe that requires a hospital visit, it’s important to know some basic ways to describe what’s wrong. So today we will learn how to say headache in Korean.

    As you may know through experience, oftentimes a headache is nothing more than a nuisance and an inconvenience. But occasionally it gets severe enough to affect your daily life. You may need to cancel your schedule to take a rest, you may need to drop by the pharmacy to ask for medication, or you may even need to see a doctor. Thus, learning how to describe the symptom in the local language is important! Here is how to say headache in Korean.


  • What You Need To Know About Korean Men’s Fashion

    These days, Korean men are no longer known only as the ‘feminine’ singers and dancers of a boy group. Nor do they only exist as the emotionally twisted yet charming lead of a Korean drama, the one who will sweep the heroine off their feet. Instead, those who have visited South Korea, especially the capital of Seoul, are now gushing over the everyday guys seen on the streets. What might be about them that’s capturing the attention of people watchers everywhere? The simple answer is: the Korean men’s fashion.

  • How To Say ‘Surgery’ In Korean

    Although it is not usually something we wish for, sometimes accidents happen and we will be in need of a doctor. And on some unfortunate occasions, it just so happens that we are in a foreign country, in this case Korea, when we find ourselves in need of surgery. To prepare for such a situation, it is important to learn some basic medical terms in the local language, even though there will be translators available as well. Because of that, today we will learn how to say surgery in Korean.


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  • The Shape of Plastic Surgery in Korea

    Whatever your opinion on plastic surgery may be, there is no denying that the industry for it is massive in South Korea. In fact, the (in)famous industry is absolutely blooming, and has been for years. It has even grown to the point where tourists come to the country just to get plastic surgery. But why is it that plastic surgery in Korea is so popular and not just with its own residents?


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  • How To Say ‘How Do You Say…’ in Korean

    A major way to enhance your Korean learning is to actually use Korean as much as possible. There is no way of getting around that! Whether it’s reading, writing, speaking, or listening, it truly is “practice makes perfect.” Understandably, if you are only just starting your journey of learning the language, it may be difficult to use or understand more than a few words at once.

  • Traveling from Korea to Other Countries

    You may have already read our article on the ways of getting around within Korea but do you know how to travel from Korea to other countries?

    At first it may sound like a weird topic. Why would you need to know how to travel from Korea to other countries, when you are just arriving in Korea? It’s already a foreign country to you. But actually, whether you are coming to Korea as an exchange student, a teacher, or something else, Korea provides an excellent base from which to explore other countries. Alternatively, you may be planning a backpacking trip across Asia, with Korea as one of your destinations.

  • How To Say ‘Bedroom’ In Korean

    Today we will continue on the topic of learning the names of different rooms in your home in Korean. Did you already go through the lessons for ‘kitchen’ and ‘bathroom’? Can you guess what we will learn to say in Korean today? That’s right! We will learn how to say ‘bedroom’ in Korean! After all, just like a kitchen and a bathroom, every home has one! Of course, in a studio – called a one room in Korea – it may not be separate from the kitchen and the living area, but today you will learn how to describe that, too!


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  • What Is Korean Fashion?

    What do Milan, Paris, New York, London and Tokyo have in common? All of them are among the leading cities when it comes to fashion. But these days, more fashion hubs are forming all over the world to challenge those cities. Among them is South Korea’s capital, Seoul. It hosts a wildly popular fashion week twice a year. Its designers are gaining more and more worldwide exposure and as for the general public in Seoul and elsewhere in Korea? They are known for their impeccable fashion sense in everyday life, both men and women. Shall we take a closer look at what Korean fashion is like?


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