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  • DATAFL - What sorts of English teachers do you think schools are looking for? Data from thousands of job ads (in Asia) reveals the facts

    I wrote about this previously in an older blog post, but I decided to update it and make it a little more visually appealing by adding some graphs to the information.

    what employers (ESL schools) in Asia want

    I looked on various sites in Taiwan, Korea, China and Japan at the job advertisements for English teachers and the keywords they were using and came up with this.

    You can download it here.


  • A little known way on how to find a job teaching English abroad using an old school tactic + Google Maps


    Most people look for a job teaching English abroad or any job for that matter by doing a search or going to certain job sites to look. But what they often overlook is the here and now.

    So what if you went out in the real world and asked around for a job?

    I found many of my jobs teaching in Taiwan by going door to door. And that was pre-smartphone and Google Maps in 2004.

    You can do the same, but you can use Google Maps.

    First off this tactic is more geared to the person who is already there or willing to go there and look. You could also use Google Maps to find schools from home too and I will mention that later.

  • How to Move to Japan to Get Started Teaching English AND Spend Less Money in the Long Run Than The People Who Went There w/ a Job Lined Up

    The general consensus on teaching English in Japan is that it costs a lot of money to live there. And I also believed that for a long time and that thinking prevented me from going there. 

    In fact I taught English in China, Korea and Taiwan before I Iived in Japan even though Japan was the first place I was interested in.

    It's partly a myth.

    It's not that expensive. Although it can be if you live in Tokyo and always go out to eat or drink.

    Many people think it's best to line up a job first and in Japan that is to start with one of the big companies that hire from abroad. That's fine if you want to do it, but in this post I am going to tell you how to do it a different way.

  • What is a TEKA course?

    What is a teka course?

    What is a TEKA course? A TEKA course is a specialized course for teaching English to kids in Asia. It was created by ESLinsider.

    How does a TEKA course compare to a TEFL or TESOL course?

    TEFL and TESOL courses are "general" courses for teaching English as a foreign language or second language. They also tend to focus more on teaching adults and lack the specifics to effectively teach children.

    Why take a TEKA course?

    Based on my experience teaching English in East Asia. I would say that the "majority" of the jobs out there are focused on teaching children aged 5-13 years old.

    Before I taught English in Taiwan (my first country) I took a TESOL course and that course hardly prepared me for the challenges that layed ahead.

    That course was more theoretical.

  • Are all online TEFL courses self-paced?

    Yes, they are. I haven’t heard of otherwise. However, many have time limits that can range from 1–6 months. Some of the more popular ones are only 2–3 months.

    So that can put you in a pinch.

    And then if you consider the fact that most people take courses before they teach abroad then by the time they actually get abroad and start teaching their access to the course will be terminated.

    Now that might be fine if all you want to get is a certificate, but what if you want to learn?

    If you want to learn then I have to say that learning takes repetition and time. Even if you take an in-class course that course is limited by time and it's a one time deal. But chances are you won't remember all of it and that is especially true of many online courses as many people do not remember what they learn.

    See the research.

  • How ESLinsider is different

    How is ESLinsider different? Actually the goal wasn't to be different. The goal was and still is to be better.

    Lots of practical teaching ideas for free (how-to videos)

    I don't know of another TEFL course provider out there that put as many how-to videos (100+) on Youtube as I did. All other courses as far as I know keep everything they have (and what do they have???) behind a log in with access for a limited time (usually 2-6 months).

    Then there are the informational teaching sites that have games and activities on them, but in my experience they all sucked because they were disorganized, not easy to read and hey it's way easier to learn how to teach by watching other teachers than it is by reading about it. But if you like reading then under the instructional videos in the link above I put quick and easy to read bullet points.

  • ESLinsider is not accredited because of the following reasons and instead...

    Searching for an accredited course? Well, you're out of luck here. ESLinsider is not accredited because of the following reasons that I will soon share with you. Then after I share those with you I will tell you about what it offers instead.

    Why isn't ESLinsider accredited?

    1. There is no "one" accreditation for TEFL. There are only 3rd party businesses that do "accreditation".
    2. You have to pay these often totally anonymous websites money which can be upwards of $2,000 a year.
    3. Some of them are fake. I know of at least 3 that are fake.
    4. I don't look up to any of them.
    5. ESLinsider is independent.
    6. Accreditation is not required.

    I actually looked into it as I was considering it, but just decided that it wasn't for me or ESLinsider. Accreditation in TEFL is superficial. You can buy an "accredited" TEFL course on Groupon for $5-40 last time I checked.

  • How to Get A Job Teaching English To Kids (Online)

    teaching english kids online

    Finding a job teaching English to kids online should not be too difficult. Teaching English online is an emerging market. It's growing and it's new. There are a lot of opportunities out there for finding a job.

    Children are the students that dominate the market so it shouldn't be so hard compared to finding a job teaching adults.

    So how do you do it?

    Here are 3 simple steps. 

    1. Are you qualified?

    requirements teach english online

  • When to do a TEFL course?

    When is the optimum time to take a TEFL course? That is the question that will be covered mostly in this article, but I will also answer some related questions such as when you can get/start a TEFL job.

    Now "when" in regards to taking TEFL/TESOL/CELTA courses...

    Do TEFL certificates expire?

    Well, they don't usually expire. Certificates are like any other certificate or diploma - they last indefinitely. However, if you take a course far from the time you actually teach then you are unlikely to remember anything from it.

    So when is the best time to take a course?

    As far as the certificate goes after you complete it you can put it on your resume. But for the training and your memory I'd say it's best to take one right when you start.

    Before you start is good which is common, but you won't have much context.

    No context?

  • Strange statues in Japan

    These strange statues were found in Japan.

    eslinsider statues


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