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  • When to do a TEFL course?

    When is the optimum time to take a TEFL course? That is the question that will be covered mostly in this article, but I will also answer some related questions such as when you can get/start a TEFL job.

    Now "when" in regards to taking TEFL/TESOL/CELTA courses...

    Do TEFL certificates expire?

    Well, they don't usually expire. Certificates are like any other certificate or diploma - they last indefinitely. However, if you take a course far from the time you actually teach then you are unlikely to remember anything from it.

    So when is the best time to take a course?

    As far as the certificate goes after you complete it you can put it on your resume. But for the training and your memory I'd say it's best to take one right when you start.

    Before you start is good which is common, but you won't have much context.

    No context?

  • Strange statues in Japan

    These strange statues were found in Japan.

    eslinsider statues

  • Where to get TEFL certification?

    You probably already realized that you have a lot of options as to where to get your TEFL certification, so you are probably confused a bit.

    I understand.

    You have probably been told different things and may be getting confused as to what to look for, what's actually important and where to buy.

    Later I will recommend a course that focuses more teaching kids in Asia, but now I will share some of my thoughts on what matters.

    There are two basic reasons to take a TEFL course.

    1. To get a certificate which might help you get a job
    2. To learn how to teach

    Now at this stage you are probably focused more on getting a job, but in my experience the second reason is more important which I will tell you about later.

    If you go to a site like Reddit (r/tefl) and ask this question you will probably get told a few different things. Many will suggest either:

  • How to get started teaching English in a country w/ no job lined up and only $250

    First off I am not advising that you do this. I previously wrote about how much money you need to move to Asia with to get started working as an English teacher.

    And that was based on an ideal.


    Sometimes you can't get the money together or things just aren't ideal. So let's say you get there, but you only have a little money to your name and all of your documents ready.

    How can you make it work?

    Well, I know you can because I have been close to broke many times in a foreign land and I still made it work.

    First off..

    Don't go to Reddit and r/tefl and ask this question. That forum and many of the other Reddit forums are full of pragmaticists and naysayers.

    My experience...

  • Can You Fail An Online TEFL Course?

    Yes, it's possible to fail an online TEFL course. But that will depend on the course. As far as courses go many may require you to maintain a certain grade through the course.

    Again I can't speak for all courses, but in ESLinsider's advanced course students are required to maintain at least an 80-85% through the course and on assignments.

    If you cannot maintain that grade then you cannot progress in the course. 


    You can retake sections of the course to raise your grade although some courses may not allow this. Also if your assignments are below 80% you will receive feedback on how you can improve your plans. So if your grade is below 80% you have to improve them before you progress in the course.

  • What's Required To Teach English In China?

    What are the requirements to teach English in China? Well, China is a big country and some of its rules can fluctuate from city to city, province to province and school to school.

    The requirements are not very clear cut and they can be conditional depending on the visa type, your qualifications and location within China.

    The legal visa or rather the official visa for teaching English in China is the Z visa which we will talk about first. The other visa that is commonly used, but not officially for teaching English is the F (business) visa. 

    We'll talk about that one later.

    The places with the strictest requirements are usually the tier 1 cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzen and Guangzhou.


  • Where To Take A TEFL/TESOL Course?

    In this post I will try to answer the question, "Where do I take a TEFL/TESOL course?" And the answer is based on my experience teaching English in Taiwan, China, Korea and I currently live in Japan.

    My whole teaching abroad experience started in 2004 and I have either been teaching, learning about it or helping other teachers online since then.


    Where can you take a TEFL/TESOL course?

    First off it doesn't matter if it's a TEFL or TESOL course as these courses refer to the same thing.


    You can take a course pretty much anywhere. There is no official site for TEFL that is more accredited or recognized or whatever.

    So it doesn't matter?

  • Can Non-Native English Speakers Teach English Abroad?

    Can non-native English Speakers Teach English Abroad? Yes, it's possible although it depends on where you want to teach and the school.

    Usually schools in Asia require teachers to be a native speaker and to have a degree to get a legal visa.

    And schools often prefer a native speaker to a non-native speaker.

    But it depends.

    Now I'll try to answer this question for Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.


    Can non-native English speakers teach English in Japan?

    Yes, it's possible.

    I know a German girl here in Fukuoka who got a job teaching English in an eikaiwa. She said the rule is that you have to be able to prove that you have 10 years of experience learning English.

  • Teaching English In Seoul Might Not Be What You Expected

    Want to teach English in Seoul, Korea? Are you looking for a job teaching English in Seoul, Korea? Well, guess what? So is everyone else!

    In this article I am going to cover a few topics not usually covered about teaching English in Seoul. Teaching English in Seoul might be great for you, but like other things in life there are 2 sides to a coin.

    I lived in Korea for 3.5 years and in that time I lived mostly in Busan and in Changwon. So how does Seoul compare to Busan? Well, from my point of view it is only better for one thing.

    What's that?

    It's more cosmopolitan. Maybe you love K-pop, Korean dramas, you want a wide variety of restaurants and foods catered towards foreigners, or English bookstores, shopping experiences, nightlife, to be in a big Asian city or whatever. The bottom line is Seoul is going to have the most options in Korea.

  • My 1st 6 Weeks In Japan (Good and Bad)

    In this video I talk about my first 6 weeks in Japan. I have been living in Fukuoka, Japan and it's going good. I like Japan a lot, but I have had some challenges or difficulties with the place I live.

    I talk a little bit about some of the things that I am doing like jiu-jitsu, learning Japanese, how I am living cheaply in Japan and then I talk about some of the things that I like and the flip side of the coin.


    The light side of the coin

    • Japan is very clean and orderly
    • People are very polite
    • People work very hard

    The dark side of the coin


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