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  • Clam: Haeundae

    Busan Food: Clam Haeundae

    I won’t be saying too much about Clam’s new branch in Haeundae, as you can read my detailed review of their Seomyeon branch here. However, I wanted to give you all the chance to revel in the glory of the wonderful looking food I took photos. Tasty!

    The new location is perfect. Located in the Pale de CZ building right on the eastern end of Haeundae beach, the front door is 20 seconds walk away from sand. This beach view location sits perfectly with the vibe, and makes sure that Clam: Haeundae, is almost guaranteed to be a huge success!


  • 충무로 (Chung Moo Ro)

    Busan Food: 충무로 (Chung Moo Ro) 

    Last weekend I got the urge to explore, so I took myself off to near Busan station, Bosco-dong. It’s just next door to the more well-known Nampo-dong. I stumbled across something I’d heard tell of from other Busan-ite’s but never seen for myself. Book Alley. It’s basically hundreds of little book stalls all clustered together, selling the most wonderful array of used books you can imagine. You can find anything from decades old-Korean cookbooks to second hand new thrillers. It’s really quite fascinating. Amongst all this is the restaurant I had been trying to find. 충무로 (Chung Moo Ro), a cute little bistro, serving traditional Korean food with a fair few tricks up its sleeve. Charmed by the quaint exterior and kooky interior, I ventured in quickly.

  • 터화담 (To Hwa Dam)

    Busan Food: 터화담

    Finding myself with a quiet Saturday evening without plans, I began to drag something new and exciting. Usually, with me, that means trying out a new restaurant. A quick bit of research led to me discovering 터화담, a Korean fusion restaurant in Oncheonjang. It was time for a visit! 

    First impressions were excellent. Situated a couple of minutes away from Oncheonjang subway station the restaurant finds itself occupying a little oasis of calm in the middle of the busy city. Right in front there is a small stand of trees, and a delightful fountain giving off the wonderful background noise of tinkling water. It’s a lovely spot.

  • Gorilla Brewing

    Busan Food: Gorilla Brewing 

    The first thing you notice about Gorilla is the striking exterior. An imposing black fronting, with large, block white letters pronouncing ‘GORILLA BREWING CO.’ What makes it all the more eye catching is the fact that the brewery is set down from street level. So your eyes natural get drawn first to the fronting, then down to their sun trap of a beer terrace, then towards the cool, hi-tech looking brewing equipment, and finally, to their warm, welcoming interior, It’s quite the visual journey.

  • Clam: Seomyeon

    Busan Food: Clam Seomyeon

    My visit to Clam marked my first collaboration with ‘On the Road Busan’, a daily show on BEFM 90.5MHz, Busan’s English language radio station. Every week I will visit a restaurant, and offer an honest, insightful, and fun appraisal of the establishment. This will be aired every Friday at 10:15am, in ‘On the Road Busan’. Today’s visit had me excited, I hoped Clam could match my expectations!

  • Cafe Primo: Gwangan

    As you may remember from my post on Bubbas in Dalmaji, I have struggled to find a decent Eggs Benedict in Busan. I headed to Café primo in Gwangan with a big group of friends on the recommendation of one of our number, and assurances that their Eggs Benedict was on point. We would see…

    Café Primo Is fairly nondescript from the outside. A simple, concrete building and small sign (see picture below) lead you upstairs to the café. The interior is rather cute. Exposed brickwork, gentle lighting and a number of potted trees make the café seem very peaceful, even serene.

  • SOL Taphouse: Gwangan

    Some of you may remember my review of Slice of Life in KSU, where I am a huge fan of the intimate décor, fantastic pizza, and good selection of craft beers. Imagine my excitement when I found out that they were opening a Taphouse overlooking Gwangan beach. To boot, they were having a big opening night, with free slices to all! I had to check this out.

  • Bombay Bräu: Haeundae

    A new Indian restaurant in town is something that’s always worth checking out in my book. So this Friday, I went to check out the opening weekend of Bombay Bräu, the new kid on the block of the Haeundae curry scene.

    Bombay Bräu is not new. The first restaurant and its micro-brewery were opened 3 years ago on Geoje island, where the beer is still made. In the time since, the brand has expanded rapidly, and now has ten locations, including two more in Busan: Gwangali and Nampo-dong. You can visit their website here. When we visited on the opening Friday the restaurant was quiet, so I had a chance to catch up with Shyam, the owner.

    When I asked him how they have managed to expand to an impressive ten branches in only three years, his answer was simple: quality. He believes that Bombay Bräu truly serve the best curry in Korea. With this ringing endorsement, I was eager to get ordering.

  • Work with busanfood.com

    busanfood.com is committed to providing reliable, impartial information for the wide variety of restaurants available in our fair city. Since I started the site in early 2016, it has rapidly gained a large following, and I currently get over 500 visits within 24 hours of posting a new restaurant review. The majority of which come from the local Busan community. There are several ways you can connect with busanfood.com:

    Sponsored Post –If you are the owner of a restaurant, old or new, and would like some exposure in the community, you can sponsor me to visit and publish a review. I will only publish reviews from sponsored restaurants I truly stand behind, to maintain the integrity of the site.

    Articles – If you are involved with any local publication, I would be interested in working with you to help expand and promote the local culinary scene in Busan

    If interested in the above, please contact me on: josephgreenwood1@hotmail.co.uk

  • Dal Thai

    Thai cuisine is amazing. Everyone knows that. The spicy yet refreshing blend of spices, the creamy flavor of coconut milk, and the fresh pop of flash fried vegetables add up to make an enchanting mix. When done right…. and it isn’t easy to do right. So it was myself and three friends headed up the hill towards Dalmaji, with a heady mixture of excitement and trepidation.


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