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Recently Featured Content

Pokémon Takes Over Korea As Gamers Travel Hours To Play New Pokémon Go App

Pokémon on the beach

For Pokémon fans in South Korea, the success of the new Pokémon Go app has been bittersweet as the game has not yet been officially released in the ROK.

Korean Summer Poems for Rainy Season

With rainy season upon us these days I've been spending my leisure time back here in Thunder Bay Canada reading and drinking tea. Lapsang Souchong with milk is usually my rainy day tea, most especially when it's a bit on the cool side out.  

I have recently started a new venture doing tea ceremonies here in Thunder Bay a few times each month in various locations around town. Mostly outdoors in summer in local park where you can drop by and see and even sample some tea if you like. Details for which can be found at my Where Wisk Way Blog or better still on my FaceBook group page Travelling TeaTime also to be found in the sidebar on this page.  

Viral Busan Trash Photo Sign Of South Korea’s Trash Disposal Problems

Trash Photo

Viral images of a trash covered beachfront park in Busan demonstrate South Korea’s ongoing problems surrounding litter & trash disposal in public areas.

Dear Korea #145: Keep On Keepin' On


Anyone who has any sort of presence on the internet is probably well aware of all of the drama that’s been going on in the states. Needless to say, it’s been having a bit of an impact on my desire to move back. This goes double when taking people like my significant other (as well as other friends) into consideration.

What a Trumpish GOP would Mean for Asia





This a re-print of an op-ed I just published with the Lowy Institute.

The Best Korean Souvenirs & Gifts

What’s the best part of any vacation? Buying fun souvenirs for your friends back home to show them you appreciate them while making them jealous of your awesome trip at the same time, of course! (We’re half kidding.)

The next time you’re in Korea, you have some big decisions to make: Korea is full of super fun, one-of-a-kind souvenirs for you to choose from. Your days of picking up shot glasses in an airport are over! Read on for our favorite Korean souvenirs, and be sure to let us know if we forgot anything in the comments below!


Marmot’s Hole Podcast: “Creative Korea” Faces Uphill Battle After New National Slogan Announcement

Creative Korea Skyline

Marmot’s Hole blogger & tourism magazine editor Robert Koehler joins Korea FM host Chance Dorland to discuss South Korea’s new national slogan, “Creative Korea.”

Like the Cat That Got the Cream

“Where have you been?” everyone keeps asking. Last week, before I could fully wake up enough to call my mother for her birthday, a message came through from her that she was in the hospital again and would have to turn her phone off. Some more translation and other kinds of work has come through, and there is even more silhouetted on the horizon. I’m writing. I’m still trying to get my insane potter in hand — even if I sit perfectly still working for six hours, he still looks disappointed in me when I say I really — I mean it this time — have to go now. But he’s teaching me a lot, about onggi and the history of Korean pottery, traditional glazes, which I started this week, Lee Kang-hyo, who reminds me of Jackson Pollock. He’s always digging up documentaries with English subtitles for me to watch and scribbling down terms in Korean. He asked me last week if what he does is called “pottery” in English.

Creatively Creating Cinemagraphs

With the recent launch of my Cinemagraph Pro Tutorial course, I pushed myself think of new ways to make cinemagraphs that stood out. I love taking landscapes and turing them into cinemagraphs. I think that is what sort of put me on the map with regards to this new form of expression. However, that may not appeal to everyone and thus, I had to really get to work and try and find new cinemagraphs to make in order to really get the word out.

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