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Recently Featured Content

How about a cool Oolong ?

Can I interest you in a cool oolong... with a couple of characters? Chinese to be specific : A tea of character with a wonderful primer on the characters by Licheng Gu.  

Marmot's Hole Podcast: South Korea World #1 For Innovation

2016_01_27 Jeju Flight Delays, American Held In North Korea, Nutrage Law, & Korea #1 For Innovation

Robert Koehler & Chance Dorland discuss Bloomberg's crowning of South Korea as the most innovative economy in the world. Other topics include this weekend's winter storm that left thousands stranded in Jeju, the American tourist being held captive in North Korea & the ROK's new "nut rage" law.

35 Things To Do and Eat in Seoul, South Korea

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35 Things To Do and Eat in Seoul, South Korea 

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace - 00:48
2. National Folk Museum (at Gyeongbokgung Palace) – 2:00
3. Food: Dak Bokkeum Tang – 2:44
4. Namdaemun Market – 3:15
5. Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market – 3:45
6. Food: Sang Hwang Sam Gye Tang – 4:26
7. War Memorial of Korea – 4:58
8. Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) – 6:02
9. Food: Galchi Jorim – 6:35
10. N Seoul Tower – 7:05
11. Namsan Cable Car and Elevator (to N Seoul Tower) – 7:48
12. Food: Hae Jang Guk – 8:30
13. Jogyesa Temple – 8:58
14. Gwangjang Market – 9:31
15. Food: Bin Dae Tteok – 10:01
16. Food: Hobak Juk – 10:32
17. Changdeokgung Palace – 10:56
18. Secret Garden (at Changdeokgung Palace) – 11:22
19. Food: Yuk Gae Jang – 11:43
20. Jongmyo Shrine – 12:12
21. Myeongdong and Sogong Shopping Districts – 12:42
22. Food: Kimchi Jigae and Donkaseu – 13:10
23. National Museum of Korea – 13:42
24. Insadong Shopping District – 14:30
25. Food: Yeong Yang Dak Juk – 15:00
26. Bukchon Hanok Village – 15:27
27. Dongdaemun Gate – 16:00
28. Food: Galbi Tang – 16:24
29. Bongeunsa Temple – 16:56
30. Trickeye Museum – 17:31
31. Seodaemun Prison History Museum – 18:02
32. Olympic Park – 18:38
33. DMZ Tour – 19:06
34. Seoul Global Cultural Center – 19:56
35. COEX Mall – 20:25


Best Korean Local Websites to Buy Korean Citron Tea



Citron Tea (유자차)

My citron tea small video making


Sweet and tangy, almost lemon, flavor


Renewing my Canadian Passport in Busan


Renewing your passport while abroad isn't exactly the smartest course of action.  I had a year and a half left on my passport when I left Canada to teach English in South Korea, but with all the expenses of applying for my visa, getting my fingerprints and background check done, having my degree notarized, etc. I didn't bother applying for a new passport.  You need 6 months + to travel practically anywhere, and if you want to go to China on a multi-entry visa you need at least a year before your passport expires.

Dear Korea #139: It's Not the Size That Counts


The situation in the comic actually happened when I went to visit Seoul sometime last year. The only difference was that the last few panels totally didn’t happen, because I’m a coward who’s too scared to yell at people I know. Instead, I prefer to wait some time and then draw passive aggressive comics. Go me.

7 English-friendly Korean Clothing Sites

***Hello everyone! If you are new to buying Korean clothing, please read my personal notice.***

Bongja (#4)
Twin Look: $20.27USD

Hotping (#5)
Just One (#1)

* Korean clothes are usually small for non-Asians. Remember that measurement is key and the measurement in Korea is different from anywhere else, especially shoes. Of course measurements vary so remember clothing is in the imperial system. Free size clothing may not work in America but, in Korea free size does work because women body shapes are generally similar. If you have big hips, be aware of them while shopping for pants. Accessories like rings may be too small for many ladies so look out for the ring sizes as well. Please find your shoe size on this website.

OinK - Only In Korea Podcast: Konglish, Showry & Korean Winter Habits

2016_01_14 Konglish, Showry, Korean Winter

OinK - Only in Korea members chose this week's topics & one brave soul left a voice message. On today's episode, Travis & Chance discuss the wonderful world of Konglish, the Korean YouTube sensation Showry, & finish by going through the interesting & often a bit odd winter habits you encounter here in South Korea.

The Ultimate Guide to South Korea’s Best Ski Resort

669Are you having trouble comparing and choosing the right ski resort for your ski holidays?

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