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Recently Featured Content

Unrealistic Expectations

I read a story by someone who had experienced a situation where the discrepancy between the actual situation and the imagined (hoped for) situation has led him to be in an impossible situation of trying to do his job.

Should he let go of the job, and lose money?  Should he stick around and keep the lie alive?  Should he try to assuage the employer/parents to reduce their expectations?

The first thing he should get answered is how this situation came into existence.

It starts with a little lie, the boss is trying to keep the students in school, so to keep the parents happy, he wrongly informs them of their ability to perform.  Parents do not have the ability to even guess to how far this information is correct, and since believing is easier, keep insisting everything is alright.

Cycling the Urban Jungle: The Oncheon Stream

Freddie Mercury never made it to Busan. Though I’m sure if he did (ignoring the impossibilities of time travel and necromancy), he’d want to get on his bike and ride… along the Oncheon stream! So with spring in the air, it’s about time you too got your fat bottom on a bicycle and cycled through Busan’s urban jungle.


Sensing a Sense of Place

Today is two weeks and two days since I moved to Gimhae.

“Gimha Fo You,” their rejected slogan.

Located northwest of Busan, connected by a lightrail that serves as the defacto fifth line in the Busan subway system, I thought I was just moving to another part of the city I have called home for over a year. Slipping into Gimhae-si would be like slipping into an old pair of shoes. No problem, I thought as I left the United States, New Jersey, after only 12 days…

The Fortune Teller


It’s 2am, and on club street in Daegu, warm light and Mao Zedong’s face glow from a cheap plate-glass facade; the fortune teller is within, furrowing her freckled brow, not-so-discreetly checking her phone on the table, turning her cards with the rhythm of time. And there’s a line.

Much Ado about White Day

Today is White Day, 화이트데이 (hwaiteu dei) in Korean. White Day is another special day for couples celebrated on March 14th in some countries in Asia including South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. White Day is similar to Western-style Valentine’s Day wherein men give chocolates, candies, flowers or gifts to their ladylove.

Everyone is the best teacher

Whenever I hire teachers, they all claim to be the best teachers, and so forth, but really, everyone is nothing more than average.  I have yet to meet any teacher who is completely honest with themselves and honestly admit that they are not the “best” teacher, but they are there is stuff they are good at and there is stuff they have to get better at.

If you truly love your profession, a better strategy would be to show me your passion for teaching and to give indication to things you helped master in- and outside of the classroom.

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