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Seoul's Garage Sale: Ttukseom Resort Flea Market

That is a picture of my lunch that I had at a Vietnamese restaurant near the Tteokssom Resort in Seoul. But before I take you into this weekend's adventure I first want to remind you of one of the best parts of modern culture, and that is the garage sale.
I have always enjoyed going to garage sales as a kid.

Two Takes on New Hopes for Six-Party Talks

Here are two takes on negotiating with Pyongyang and the role of the Chinese in the Six-Party process.

First, Nicolas Eberstadt in a WaPo editorial:

With China’s backing, North Korea is vigorously campaigning to draw the United States into another round of “six-party talks,” the multilateral deliberations on North Korean “denuclearization” first convened in 2003.

American officials appear increasingly receptive; this weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to visit South Korea, purportedly to test the waters with this key U.S. ally about a possible diplomatic reengagement with the North.

too much education

I’ve just started reading “In the Basement of the Ivory Tower” (amazon, The Atlantic review).  The book is about an Adjunct professor and how the proliferation of adjunct professors harms students, the professors and the system.

The extra adjunct profs are needed because of an artificial demand for college degrees for jobs that don’t particularly need them.  They aren’t “real professors” and their work typically won’t help them become real professors either.  They are an artificial supply created to handle this artificial supply with no one but the university profiting form the arrangement.

Destination: Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

One experiences some unusual things while living in Korea. While bullfighting isn’t an unusual sport, it does bring to mind a centuries-old tradition that seems better left in the past. Five days a year, the festival brings forth that tradition, combining it with the modern touches Korean festivals all seem to have and a healthy government budget.

saturday seoul

Spring has sprung in the land of the morning calm, spreading cherry blossoms, bicycles and revelers all over the city. After such an icy and frigid winter everyone is rejoicing at the warmer weather, shunning masks and yellow dust/radiation paranoia to just get outside. The Han has been filled with revelers. It’s nice to be peddling again.

Anyway, last week the songpa stompers were reunited for some explorations. It was good to meet up with friends after hibernating for the winter. We caroused Seoul, took in the river scene, and caught late night action in Hongdae. We all packed some 3200 super grainy Ilford for the night-time (looking forward to seeing the others) and I picked up a new holga during the day. What follows are some frames from that day. Hopefully more of such outings to come.

Gyeongju Ultimate Hat Frisbee Tournament

Saturday, May 7, 2011 - 11:00



Saturday, April 23, 2011 - 09:00

ATEK Busan Volunteers has organized a very unique opportunity to work with a local environmentalist group this Earth Day in the protected wetland and estuary in Busan. Thanks to our volunteer Sunny Yun and her contact at Wetlands and Birds Korea we have arranged a permit to clean up Shinho Island, a sandy islet in the Nakdong river.
Get ready for some serious cleanup. This is a heavily trashed up area due to its proximity to the river mouth.

Place: Shinja Island
Place to meet: RSVP to for directions

10:00 boarding at the Shinho Harbor
10:30-12:00 collecting trash
12:00-13:00 lunch* & birding
13:30 returning to the Shinho Harbor..

Lunch on the island will be a Zero Waste Potluck. Please bring your own sustainable plate, cup and eating utensils. 

Pay It Forward: 6 Ways to Volunteer in Korea

Looking to do some good while you’re in Korea? From Seoul to Suncheon, Courtney “Coco” Tait shows us how to give back.

A student at the Sung Ae Won orphanage on Christmas Day. Photo by Courtney Tait.

Once you’ve explored the local temples, tried all your neighborhood barbecue joints, hiked a nearby mountain or three, disrobed at the spa, and sipped one too many pints of draft Cass, you may be itching for some fresh experiences on the expat path. Volunteering opportunities in Korea are vast, varied, and surprisingly easy to coordinate: anyone with a few spare hours could soon find themselves rescuing a dog, serving soup to the homeless, or screening films on the plight of North Koreans.  Here are six suggestions to get you started.

1. Campaign for North Korean refugees


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