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Do Seniors Usually Sexually Harass Juniors during MT?


When I first came to Korea in 2000, I soon got used to the notion that people should use nopimmal (높임말; respectful language) to their obvious “superiors”, such as their parents and bosses. But also to friends, even if they were just a year or two older?

Hi Seoul Festival, Friendship Fair, & Buddha’s Birthday Parade

A trio of festivals in the same city at the same time – all within walking distance of each other? Wow – where else would I be? Oh, that’s right – downtown Seoul at it’s finest.

Note that trying to condense three festivals into a set of twenty pictures of less was frikkin’ hard. For even more picture goodness, open up this Flickr set for several dozen more.

Jogyesa features a ceiling of lanterns over much of their open space.

In Memory of Christopher Surridge

See video

On May 4th the world lost one good man, a wife lost a brilliant husband, students lost a generous professor and his friends lost a role-model friend. Chris Surridge we will miss you so much and you will be always in our hearts... ♥

Charity book drive for Puerto Galera Vocational School

Monday, May 9, 2011 - 09:00

If you like to relax with Sun, Sand, &Surf, then you probably have heard about Sabang Beach and White Beach on Mindoro island, just south of Manila.

Good scuba diving and bars and parties at Sabang, and quiet family relaxation at White Beach.. The only real industry for the island (besides fishing) is tourism.

abandoned amusement park

on the way back to busan from geoje, we had to stop at the abandoned amusement park.

replete with graffiti, garbage and vines, it was a creepy place.

and of course, matt had to find ways to put his life in jeopardy.

Korea Business Central Interview with Dick Warmington

43:21 minutes (19.85 MB)

Korea Business CentralFrom Korea Business Central's Interview Series

Produced bySteven Bammel and hosted by Tom Tucker.

April 29, 2011The Korea Business Interview Series

Dick Warmington 
"Uncovering Korean Potential at Chadwick School in Korea's New City of Songdo"

Dick Warmington is President of Chadwick International in Songdo, Korea, and previously CEO of Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific, and before that, President of HP Korea.

* * *

When Korea Business Central asked Dick Warmington to do an interview for us, we just expected that he'd have great insights about Chadwick International School, Korean education and Songdo New City. We didn't realize he'd also previously run the operations of Hewlett-Packard in Korea during the late 80s and early 90s, and then HP's entire Asia Pacific operations through the Asian IMF Crisis of the late 1990s. We also didn't realize that Chadwick School breaks the mold for international schools by mostly educating Koreans AND bringing a new, pioneering model to education in Korea. One also can't help but get a little more excited about Songdo after listening to Dick gush about its uniquenesses.

This interview is inspirational as well as enlightening... It covers lots of ground as Dick shares insight after insight about Korea, Korean education and Korean business.

Complete Transcript and Discussion
can be found on Korea Business Central

kraft macaroni and cheese

Steve and I just ate an entire box of it! And it has stirred up a lot of thoughts and emotions in me. We received a care package today from Steve's parents and it included this small box of amazing food, among other things! Of course we didn't wait or save it for a rainy day, we ate it immediately after our evening run.

This is what happens with all of the care package food that we get from our parents. The Cheetos, the four boxes of girl scout cookies, the peanut butter meltaways. They are gone, within minutes, empty packages and boxes left behind as embarrassing evidence. Tonight, we ate it in silence, like two people eating their first meal after days of starvation. I inhaled spoonfuls of the orange sauced noodles and then, realizing that the plate was quickly becoming empty, I slowed to eat one noodle at a time. Jabbing one noodle on the end of the fork and trying to savor each bite. Sadly it had to come to an as all good things do.

Lolita Effect: A Wave of Middle School Girls Wearing Make-up


It’s such a struggle being a feminist parent.

I have two daughters: Alice, born in June 2006, and Elizabeth, born in August 2008. Fortunately, Elizabeth at least is just fine in the girl-power department, and is “second-sex” to no-one. Rather, it’s sex that comes a far-distant second to catering to her demands, but let’s not go there.

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