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KOTESOL National Conference @ KAIST in Daejeon

Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 09:00

Full Details and Pre-registration here:

Ten Years In:
Advancing Korean TESOL
in the 21st Century

@ KAIST, Daejeon

Saturday, May 14th 2011

9:30 AM - 5:45 PM (with optional dinner reception from 6pm)

10 Questions: Joon-ho Lee, President of TBS

10 Magazine

10 Questions: Joon-ho Lee, President of TBS

Joon-ho Lee considers himself a very lucky man. He began his career as a reporter with KBS, and his appointment as president of TBS (Traffic Broadcasting System) a few years ago means that he will be ending his broadcasting career at the top of his game. But it’s not only his business success that makes him happy. Rather, it’s his conviction that his work is worth doing and is rewarding. In this interview, Mr. Lee shares more about how TBS is providing a valuable service to English-speakers in Korea.

1. In Japan, TBS is the Tokyo Broadcasting System, and in the US, it’s the Turner Broadcasting Station. What is TBS in Korea?
TBS stands for the Traffic Broadcasting System, a media outlet supported by the city of Seoul that encompasses five separate services. First, there’s FM 95.1, a Korean-language radio station which provides information about traffic on the streets of Seoul, among other things. Next, there’s a TBS TV station. More relevant to your readers is 101.3 eFM, an all-English radio station for foreigners in Seoul. We also have TV and radio stations offered on DMB. Up until recently our DMB radio was broadcast in Korean, but in mid-March we switched over to English-language content.

It’s Getting Worse: JPY/KRW is Killing JapanInc

Could It Get Any Worse? Apparently, Yes
Toyota’s profits have plunged, and the Japanese giant has refused to release financial projections due to the supply-chain disruptions that have resulted from the tragic earthquake. The Financial Times article also briefly mentions Hyundai-Kia, and the tremendous market share growth over the past year. The Japanese auto-manufacturers vs Korean ones is being dictated by Korea, helped by the continuing strength in the JPY, and most particularly, the strong JPY/KRW exchange rate.

beijing and back

Nin Hao!
I am  back from my final tour of Asia...this year! Beijing was awesome! I am not sure really what I expected, but I was a little caught off guard by the presence of the government. Hints of Communism lined the streets, parks and subways. To gain entry to any tourist site you had to go through security, a x - ray bag scan and a metal detector pat down. The whole 9 yards. We learned that these measures were not for show as some people were asked to open their bags for further investigation, then given the green light or for the not so fortunate ones, toted off somewhere else. 

Do Seniors Usually Sexually Harass Juniors during MT?


When I first came to Korea in 2000, I soon got used to the notion that people should use nopimmal (높임말; respectful language) to their obvious “superiors”, such as their parents and bosses. But also to friends, even if they were just a year or two older?

Hi Seoul Festival, Friendship Fair, & Buddha’s Birthday Parade

A trio of festivals in the same city at the same time – all within walking distance of each other? Wow – where else would I be? Oh, that’s right – downtown Seoul at it’s finest.

Note that trying to condense three festivals into a set of twenty pictures of less was frikkin’ hard. For even more picture goodness, open up this Flickr set for several dozen more.

Jogyesa features a ceiling of lanterns over much of their open space.

In Memory of Christopher Surridge

See video

On May 4th the world lost one good man, a wife lost a brilliant husband, students lost a generous professor and his friends lost a role-model friend. Chris Surridge we will miss you so much and you will be always in our hearts... ♥

Charity book drive for Puerto Galera Vocational School

Monday, May 9, 2011 - 09:00

If you like to relax with Sun, Sand, &Surf, then you probably have heard about Sabang Beach and White Beach on Mindoro island, just south of Manila.

Good scuba diving and bars and parties at Sabang, and quiet family relaxation at White Beach.. The only real industry for the island (besides fishing) is tourism.

abandoned amusement park

on the way back to busan from geoje, we had to stop at the abandoned amusement park.

replete with graffiti, garbage and vines, it was a creepy place.

and of course, matt had to find ways to put his life in jeopardy.


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