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Gyeongju Ultimate Hat Frisbee Tournament

Saturday, May 7, 2011 - 11:00



Saturday, April 23, 2011 - 09:00

ATEK Busan Volunteers has organized a very unique opportunity to work with a local environmentalist group this Earth Day in the protected wetland and estuary in Busan. Thanks to our volunteer Sunny Yun and her contact at Wetlands and Birds Korea we have arranged a permit to clean up Shinho Island, a sandy islet in the Nakdong river.
Get ready for some serious cleanup. This is a heavily trashed up area due to its proximity to the river mouth.

Place: Shinja Island
Place to meet: RSVP to for directions

10:00 boarding at the Shinho Harbor
10:30-12:00 collecting trash
12:00-13:00 lunch* & birding
13:30 returning to the Shinho Harbor..

Lunch on the island will be a Zero Waste Potluck. Please bring your own sustainable plate, cup and eating utensils. 

Pay It Forward: 6 Ways to Volunteer in Korea

Looking to do some good while you’re in Korea? From Seoul to Suncheon, Courtney “Coco” Tait shows us how to give back.

A student at the Sung Ae Won orphanage on Christmas Day. Photo by Courtney Tait.

Once you’ve explored the local temples, tried all your neighborhood barbecue joints, hiked a nearby mountain or three, disrobed at the spa, and sipped one too many pints of draft Cass, you may be itching for some fresh experiences on the expat path. Volunteering opportunities in Korea are vast, varied, and surprisingly easy to coordinate: anyone with a few spare hours could soon find themselves rescuing a dog, serving soup to the homeless, or screening films on the plight of North Koreans.  Here are six suggestions to get you started.

1. Campaign for North Korean refugees

Joshua Davies - On Presentations @ Busan KOTESOL Spring Symposium

42:07 minutes (19.28 MB)

Joshua Davies
Beyond Info Dump: Using Visuals to Create Interaction in the Classroom

Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

It's my first time to see Cherry Blossom flower aka Sakura, and boy, was I late! By the time I woke up, all of my friends were waiting for me at the lobby's apartment!

Now my outfit is not perfect without bright accessories for spring. :(

Anyway, the one that we went was in Yeoudo.
There a lot of Sakura's around Seoul and Korea, but we chose Yeoudo because:-
1. There's festival - performance, food, lots of people watching
2. It's the nearest, in Seoul!

And guess what, among all other important thing, I forget my camera.
Also, to make matter worse, my handphone battery wasn't in full bar.
Can you believe it?!
Do enjoy pictures from my limited handphone camera.

Busan e-FM Week 16: Technology

About 'Open Mike in Busan'


Today I wanted to talk about technology in Korea. I graduated from university with a degree in Computer Science, and then worked for many years as a software engineer, so it’s a subject which is very close to my heart. I’m a technology geek... or ex-geek anyway.

Korea ubiquitous technology hub

The 8th Busan International Performing Arts Festival

Sunday, May 1, 2011 - 09:00

From Busan City Hall  and

Free driving license classes for foreigners in Busan

From Busan City Hall


Jangsan Running Spots - Busan Awesome

Visit our Facebook page (and like us please!)

*I’ve been doing a lot of running since moving to Busan, and I’m looking to map out some of the better running and biking places people have come across. I’m starting with Jangsan because that’s where I live, if you’ve got any suggestions, let us know!

Jangsan is an excellent neighborhood for running. The toughest decision is usually whether you want the mountains or the beaches. For anybody living in, moving to, or just planning on visiting the Haeundae area, running can be a great way to get a sense of direction and see the area. Here’s a map and description of my three favorite running spots, all starting from Jangsan Station:


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