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Korea’s Real Timebomb: Its Rapidly Aging Population

North Korea? No. Inflation? No. Its Aging Population? YES.
This article printed in The Chosun Ilbo points out Korea’s largest underlying problem: it is the most rapidly aging population in the world. It is for this reason that the Seoul Gyopo Guide has suggested two taxes, one on soju, and one on cigarettes. Those proposals made here on this blog were suggested in order to address Korea’s aging problem. The facts are that Korea faces larger cost outlays as its population ages, either in the form of higher pension payments to its citizens, or in the form of higher medical costs to the elderly. If you want to see a template for what happens when a nation grows older and is not prepared to face the consequences, then you can look to the United States, where the entire social security system and medical system for the elderly (Medicare) is threatened.

Squid Boats and Island Dusk

Squid fishing’s big on Ulleungdo.  It’s done at nighttime, when old Korean fisherman pull out in boats strung with long hanging bulbs that plunge light deep below the sea’s surface, luring the creatures toward their next-day destiny of drying out in the sun. 

I’m not drawn toward spending days out on an open ocean, but I love strolling through ports like this one in Jeodongni, the island’s second-biggest (but still village-like) settlement.  Old, rusty boats rock against the dock at dusk, waiting to set out for the evening’s catch.

Webcast Team Coverage of KOTESOL 2003

from Koreabridge's Live Webcast of the 2003 Kotesol Conference
October 18~19, 2003

Koreabridge Webcast Team Reporting
(David Cormier, Rob Dickey, Jeff Lebow, Sarah MacAdam, & Bonnie Stewart)
Throughout the conference, the webcast team did whatever we could to provide essentially non-stop coverage of the conference. This included chats with those who stopped by the Webcast Center, Sarah & Bonnie's 'Shock and Awe' interviews with conference particpants, and a variety of other guerilla reporting techniques.

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