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Moran Market, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do

Last weekend I spent a day wandering around the infamous Moran Market in Seongnam. Exploring the outdoor/indoor labyrinths that are traditional Korean markets is a major pastime of mine; especially with a camera in tow. Documenting the last gasps of these traditional marketplaces when more and more Koreans are preferring the sterile, air-conditioned comforts of large department stores and international supermarkets, has become a quaint obsession of mine.

Remembering Chris Surridge

Aaron Jolly, Phil Maher, Paul Preibisch, & Reese Bottesini
share their memories of Chris Surridge.

Recorded at the
2011 Kotesol National Conference
KAIST University
Daejeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

Chris SurridgeMore information about Chris and
The Chris Surridge Foundation at

Chris' Online Legacy

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Jason Renshaw @ KOTESOL 2011 National Conference



Jason Renshaw @
KOTESOL's 2011 National Conference
KAIST University
Daejeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

Links from the Jasonsphere
Plenary: Materials development for language learning - the next ten years

Chat log from the online audience

Download mp3 file of the presentation 

Uploading Soon: Presentation Slides

A Discussion with Jason
Topics: His imminent step back from ELT, onine teaching strategies, reflections on being back in Korea, & what lies ahead...

ARKpopPodcast - Episode 10 – My Brown Eyed Soul

82:27 minutes (37.75 MB)


Dame Dr. Foxy Brown picked up a virus while overseas for her younger brother’s graduation, but we’re back anyway, fighting through the sound of my beleaguered voice. We hope you’re not thrown off by the new sound but rest assured that it will not last.

Lotus Lantern

Buddha's Birthday 석가탄신일 in Pictures

Leave and get on the train. Know that where you are going is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Seoul.

Tales of a Gisaeng

Perhaps its the atmosphere of living next to Igigdae Hill/Park where two gisaeng jumped off the cliff with a Japanese general inspiring me. Old legends have a certain power that grows beyond what a real factual account would have. The story sounds suspiciously like another story "a patriotic kisaeng named Nongae in the late 16th century...while entertaining Japanese generals at the Choksongnu Pavilion that overlooks the Nam River in South Kyongsang Province, Nongae led Japanese general Keyamura Rokusuke to a cliff, embraced him and cast herself into the river, killing them both". I found the latter version of the story here @ Han Cinema. The story sounds more reliable than the Igigdae story which doesn't mention which general and gisaeng. Perhaps the Igidae story came from this one.

Teachers Day in South Korea


Today is Teacher’s Day! Also known as Seu-seungwehnal (스승의 날).

마익흘 - I'M IN KOREA ft. the cast of SEOULTUBE

See video
CREDITS and LYRICS BELOW! CLICK NOW! In order of appearance: Steve Miller Yann Le Bail Sean Hodson Kerri Strothard Matt Lee 이상근 Charlene Abdullah Seokjin Jin 진석진 with Hyunwoo Sun 선현우 Kyeongeun Choi 최경은 Hyojin An 안효진 Stephen Redeker (with Kyunghwa Sun) Evan Knight and Rachel Werz And the members of Languagecast! Lyrics: I was never interested in Asian lands. China and Japan were not my thing. Then I heard of a country that's modern, clean, and carefree. And it piqued my curiosity. So I got on a plane, now I'm in Korea. Every day I have a good time. It's like home. I'm in Korea, I couldn't leave here if I tried. I discover something new here every day. Language, entertainment, society. And it's easy living, inexpensive fees. And learning hangul was a breeze. 'Cause I love this place, yeah, I'm in Korea. Every day I have a good time. It's like home. I'm in Korea, I couldn't leave here if I tried. Come for the adventure. It's an odyssey. And if you don't trust them, take it from me. See this smiling face? 'Cause I'm in Korea. If you come, you'll have a good time. It's like home. Come to Korea, I guarantee you'll dig the vibe.
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Skirtroversy in Korea

From Busan Haps

Short-skirted students are a common sight in Japan, but a new thing for Korea. As the skirts get shorter, governments look for innovative ways to accommodate the trend. Rarely before has 'innovative' been the appropriate word. They are seeking to redress the situation without asking students to re-dress.

GANGWON-DO, South Korea -- As kids, one of the first lessons we learn is to take on a problem at its source. And, more often than not, if you can get to the root of what’s ailing you, then you can remedy it and all of its repercussions.

Or, so we were told.

In response to the ever shortening skirts worn to school by Korean middle and high school students, the local assembly in Gangwon province will put the cart before the horse. Or, in this case, the board before the students.

Rather than forcing female students to lengthen their uniform skirts, they have instead proposed spending around $700,000 installing boards in front of some 50,000 desks to block any hint of a view of student's legs in the classrooms.

To be sure, it’s a confusing remedy. Does this say more about student’s skirt length or the school board’s worry of the wondering eyes of district teachers?

To the governments credit, they are employing this unusual redress without asking students to re-dress. This all in the name of avoiding an infringement on the ever expanding freedoms that Koreans are enjoying for the first time since the country’s founding in 1948.


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