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Recently Featured Content

There’s an app for that – Korean-related apps for your iDevice

It’s hard to ignore Apple’s presence in the smartphone / tablet world – or the apps available for them. I recently picked up an iPad to replace / upgrade from a first-gen iPod Touch, and decided to take a fresh look at the apps that cover Korea. (Note – all ratings out of 5 taeguks)

First up: Daegu Tour, anyone?

Our Daughter's Birth

Our little one is just over a month old now. She's with her mother in Busan, and I'm heading down there every second weekend to visit. The past month has been a rainstorm of activity with KTX bookings, diaper changes and all manner of things in between.
Things are going fine now, with a lot of support received from friends and family. Heather is seeming comfortable and is an excellent mother. The birth itself though, was a stressful event.
This is the story of how it all happened.
We entered the Areum Women's Hospital on Monday the 23rd of May at 10pm. The ETA was actually May 20th, but we wanted to wait for a natural birth if possible. By that time our little one was already a menacing 3.6kg, a big baby for a small mother. Taller mothers tend to have easier births, so say the midwives. The head of our daughter was 10cm wide, considered a large lump to pass. Bigger is not always better, in the world of births.

Nude Korean Artist Creates a Stir

From Busan Haps

Miru Kim has been working with various photographers around the world in a project that features her posing nude in urban areas. Turkish papers reported that she was arrested during a project in Istanbul, which was financed by Samsung Turkey. 

Busan e-FM Week 32: Hell is Other Expats

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


A lot of this was rather tongue-in-cheek, but it does explain my reticence to engage with the expat community during my time in Korea, both in person and increasingly on the Internet.

Pigmentation (Over)designation

If you had to describe yourself, what words, adjectives, or phrases would you use? Your age? Profession? Hometown? Alma mater? Religious background? Marital status? Height? Size of your private parts? Food allergies? Race and/or ethnicity?

Early on in our relationship, Nicole and I noticed how I (the 1.5-generation, 'model minority immigrant') always used "Korean" or "Korean-American" when describing myself to someone else. Similarly, I would always throw in her race ("Black" or "African-American") when I found myself describing her to a friend, a colleague, a stranger, a homeless dude on the street.

Dear Foreign Investors, You’re Not Welcomed Here. Love, Korea

Where’s My Foot? I Wanna Shoot It
Private equity investors, who have capital that can provide startup capital and knowledge, should be very active in Korea. Smart, highly educated people, and very picky customers who are technologically savvy. When you add in a highly regarded art scene and fashion industry, you have a combination of people along with society which makes Korea a logical incubator for all types of new companies. It is true that many local shops exist, and new applications for both the Android and Apple operating systems originate in Korea. However, the successes are limited, and more frustratingly, the platform for the systematic development of multiple startup companies does not exist. Some of the factors are described here in a previously written post. The problem with this objection? It hurts Koreans, and especially the educated, and massively underemployed college graduate and young adult population. When coupled with the surge in unemployment by college graduates in Korea, you end up with an inexplicable situation.

Mayor’s Cup Surfing Competition at Haeundae


My friend Melvin of Pine Ocean SUP (1,2,3 and 4) invited me to hang out with him as he promoted his fledgling Stand Up Paddleboard company during a surfing competition at Haeundae.  I happily agreed.

The REAL 'Four Seasons' of Korea

Korean's say all kinds of grand things about the Korean peninsula; it is the most beautiful country, has the best, healthiest food, best education system in the world. All kinds of nationalistic ideals, which is great, having pride about your country is only natural, especially after how hard Korea has worked to get where it is today. Yet having pride for your country is different than straight up lying. If I had a dollar for every Korean that has said to me, "Korea has wonderful weather, we have all four seasons!" well, lets just say I would have a lot of dollars. As I sit inside on this warm June afternoon and listen to the downpour outside, I want to call bullshit on you, Korea. Best weather, four seasons? Bullshit. 

8 Ideas to visit in Seoul during rainy days

Rain, rain.. go away..come again another day...
No! It's not Rain the singer...!

It's been 2 days, in consecutive, it rained day and night.
Weather forecast indicates- expected to rain until Sunday. (some with storm)
My imagination in wearing pretty dress to class, dropped as rain drop.

Anyway, this is not my main point to blog.
As for tourist, where do you want to go in Seoul, as it's raining?!
I would be devastated if I could not visit all those beautiful temple, palace and outdoor mall.

Here are some ideas, that might help you:-

1. COEX Mall - Indoor Malls
Notice similarity between Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Apgujeong and Myeongdong?
Also to note other major shopping site?
They are all various malls and shops located near each other.


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