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The Long and Savage Story of Soju


Words by David Volodzko

There are three things you should know about soju: your options, your manners, and your limit.

Riot in Vancouver

I have a question about this accident as the post name.

I know that there are lots of Canadian here in Korea. Can I get some information and opinions about this situation without any hesitation? As a normal Korean it was so shocking and disappointed by those.

Thanks for your opinion in advance.

(Not a normal opinion, such as Canadian are human being same as another nation people. I expect that real reasons, Please.)

South Korean Students Rally For Lower Tuiton

As college tuition rises throughout the world, so do the student protesters who have to pay for them. The AFP reports that on June 17th, nearly 2,000 South Korean college students congregated in Seoul to demand that President Lee Myung-bak keep his 2007 election promise to halve tuition fees and lower youth unemployment. Despite police warnings, the students gathered in a massive candlelight rally holding signs and shouting slogans.

Seoul Zoo in Seoul Grand Park

There are few zoo in Korea, but the nearest to Seoul is the one is Seoul Grand Park.
Various animal from around the world is there, and the place is really huge.
You can even find endangered species being placed there with care.

You need to take a whole day (say from Morning to evening) to visit the entire zoo.
I would strongly suggest sport shoe or flat, as you will need to do lots of walking.
No need to pack food, as there's lots of it inside with reasonable price.

Another thing to note, there's animal show too.
Make sure you come early in the morning or check the website to know more in details.

Website :

Once you exit the subway, you'll see a huge building at the back of the fountain.
From there, you can buy tickets to take mini train to enter any of the park
(There are Seoul Zoo, Rose Garden, Theme Park, Children Park all in one big area)

Food Scraps Disposal in Korea

It's one of the first things you learn when living in Korea, and that is you must separate your trash down to every little piece. Food scraps can't be thrown in with your regular garbage and sometimes require a special bag. Often, though, buildings collect the food scraps in one large bin, which is then sent off to someplace to incinerate.

The real problem, I feel, comes down to how you personally collect your food scraps without stinking up the house. For my first few years in Korea I put my food scraps in a separate and bagged waste basket and threw it out every few days. This worked, but during the warmer seasons things would get stinky and buggy.

Finally, this year I came upon a miracle plastic device that seems to help do the trick.

Putting a Premium on Your Health (Insurance)

Language difficulties aside, Korean health insurance provides quality service at a fraction of the cost.

KB Interview with Danny Cho: ‘Ktown Cowboys’ Film

Last Friday afternoon, Korean Beacon caught up with Danny Cho of Ktown Cowboys at Cafe Mak in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Together, we talked about the popular web series (you can watch all the episodes here) and their exciting plans of turning it into a feature film—Danny even shared some insight into the movie’s plot!

KB: How would you describe Ktown Cowboys to those who aren’t familiar with the series?

My Abortion in Korea

By Melissa Salvatore

This is a story of my experience with abortion as an expat in Busan, South Korea. I understand this is a controversial issue, and I am neither trying to encourage nor discourage abortion to other women. I simply want to use my story as an example of having this experience here and to provide other women with options and resources available to them. It is said that abortion is one of the loneliest experiences a woman can ever go through. I want women here to know that they are not alone, and have support.

BUSAN, South Korea -- While abortion in South Korea is illegal, it is a widespread procedure with upwards of 350,000 abortions performed each year according to a government report. And while it is federally banned the procedure is performed safely in clinics and hospitals, both public and private everywhere. I had come across this contradiction while researching Busan prior to my arrival. I took note of the information with the hope that I would never find myself in such a situation.


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