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Talkin' Tech in Korea w/ Stafford, Matthew, & Jeff

45:49 minutes (20.98 MB)

Hanjin, Kim Jin-Sook, & The Bus of Hope Movement

Since the 1980s, South Korea has become famous for the militancy of its labor movement. Korean workers movements have been successful in launching many large-scale strikes and protests since the demise of South Korea’s authoritarian regime in 1987. Though the labor movement has achieved much since the democratic transition, such protests often meet repression from the state. This seems to be the current situation with an interesting hybrid of labor conflict and social movement that has catalyzed in what has been dubbed the “Bus of Hope Movement.” Over the past two months popular support has emerged striking workers at Hanjin Heavy Industries’ shipyard located on the the small Island of Young-Do in Busan, South Korea.

Eulwang / Eurwangi Beach

Finally, my husband came back from one month business trip overseas.
In celebration of  my itchy leg to travel, fasting month and hubby return; we did short excursion.
To the beach on hot summer days of course - before raining on Sunday.

We packed our little tent, clothes, toiletries as we planned to stay there for a night.
(Well, it was me who think we could do overnight camping whilst he was forced to.)
So off we go to Eulwang beach via Incheon Airport.

Eulwang beach is the nearest beach from Seoul and 20 minutes from Incheon airport.
This beach is located on the west coast of Seoul facing Yellow sea.
Easily access and famous for seafood and affordable accommodation among locals,
it comes to no surprise for residential short excursion from hectic city life.

Korea Business Talk - July 30, 2011

57:08 minutes (26.16 MB)
Korea Business Talk #2
July 30, 2011

A collaborative project brought to you by &
Participants:  Jeff Lebow,  Joshua DaviesHyungsik YoonAdam H Cave

Subsribe to Korea Business Talk

Topics & Chat Log Below

Koreabridge Hangout w/ Artists & Media Producers- July 25, 2011

53:08 minutes (24.33 MB)
Koreabridge Hangout
July 25, 2011
Britt Kee, Chris Backe, Jason Teale, Jeff Lebow, & Steve Miller
The inspiration and economics of producing creative works
(blogs, paintings, photos, videos, websites) in Korea

Taking the GMAT, LSAT or GRE in Korea - Busan Awesome
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Since graduating from university six or so years ago, I’ve gone my fair share of the customary ‘what am I gonna DO with my life?!’ thoughts. As a result, in the past five years, I’ve taken the LSAT (in 2006), the GMAT (just yesterday), and last year I came very close to signing up for the GRE as well.

Yeah, yeah, I know I have trouble making decisions. Anyway, here’s info on where and when you can take the tests in Korea.

By the way, in Busan, the best selection of test prep books that I’ve seen is at the Kyobo in Shinsegae. Get one (or two) of those, and give it the ol’ college try.

GMAT (business school)

In Thinking: Nights with My Korean Uni Class

Hello all–this is Part 2 of “Where Have I Been?”  (If you missed Part 1, scroll down to previous post for a quick read…)

~Coco xo

I kind of want to sum it up.

Open Mike: Brands, Counterfeiting and Piracy

The english waves come inAbout 'Open Mike in Busan'


A week earlier while I was waiting to go on air at the station, a situation was posed which led me to say “But that would be unethical”. I needed to repeat that last word a number of times. We quickly established that the English word ‘ethical’ may sound hilarious to Koreans. I wasn’t entirely convinced that this was merely a phonetic issue, which resolved me to pick a topic related to ethics for this week’s show.

Performance: Drum Cat (Seoul)

Lest you think I’m always the photographer when I travel, there are times when it’s not an option. This happens to be the case with the Drum Cat show, so all photos in this post are from the official site.


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