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Hoods: Danggam Style

Korea’s cities can be obnoxiously monotonous at times. And thanks to the country’s fixation with capitalism, everywhere on the southern half of the peninsular looks pretty much the same.

Hoods intends to show that Korea’s real urban beauty is hidden where the veneer of modernity, is at its thinnest.

This is Danggam-dong


Danggam-dong is a large and somewhat insignificant neighbourhood of Busan, not too far from the hectic ugliness of Seomyeon.

The Colossal Buddha


One of the coolest things that I have seen in a long time happened when I was driving to my new job at Busan University of Foreign Studies. As I was driving along I saw a colossal Buddha statue on the horizon. It was huge! As I drove along I realized that this was infact a temple of some sort and was worth investigating.


Korea's Contempt for Sleep

Recent research suggests that a lack of quality sleep can kill brain cells, and this comes on the back of a great deal of research suggesting a range of health-related problems due to not getting enough shut-eye.

3 Hypotheses for Korea’s ‘Japanobia’


This, I hope, is my last piece on Japan-Korea relations for awhile. I think everyone is getting burned out by this topic. And I am sick of the hate-mail. But at least Obama got Abe and Park into the same room last week. Park look pretty furious, but at least the meeting was progress.


The overstimulated generation

I find that the children, in the industrialized countries, and more specifically South Korea, have become overstimulated.

There are 2 things that drive this situation.  Reduction of hours of sleep and Increase in hours of study/training.  Increase in Media exposure.

As a school owner, I am part of the problem, and therefore potentially, also a part of the solution.

L2W - PGH in Europe, DJ Oops, '90 Bride Shortage, & Cadet Vices

1. National
1) President Park Geun-hye visits Europe
Park Geun-hye left for Europe on Sunday, to attend the biennial Nuclear Security Summit Meeting in Hague on Mar 25-26, and to visit Germany afterwards. She plans to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss on how to have Kim Jong-un back to nuke talks, and to have meeting with Japanese PM Abe Shinjo with Barrack Obama in the middle. It would be Park’s first meting with Abe after her election win 15 months ago. She will have a summit meeting with Angela Merkel in Berlin, and is expected to make a key announcement over unification with North Korea in Dresden.

This is Why Koreans Are THINNER Than Americans

You’re probably wondering whether or not you want to travel to a country like Korea to teach English. If you do decide, you’re probably going to wonder about things like bills, transportation, how to open a bank account, how much Korean will you need to speak, what kind of guys and girls to Korean girls and guys like, and everything else.

Oh, and food.

What is the food like?  Is it really spicy?  Are there choices for vegetarians?  I’ve heard them all. But there is one thing I don’t hear of a whole lot that is related to food in a round about way. “Will I gain weight or get skinny?”

The truth of the matter is that traveling to Korea has an element of stress for everyone. It’s more for some than others, but it’s there. In fact, I had someone in my orientation class who never made it to the teaching part. They just turned around and went home.

And what happens to most people when they get stressed? They EAT!

The degrees to which each of us eat under pressure varies widely. However, as Americans or westerners, we have a tenancy to eat like, well, an American or westerner. There within lies the problem.

There are differences between the indigenous foods here in Korea compared to back home. In America we love processed foods, MSG, artificial sweeteners, fat, salt…everything that tastes good. But you want to know something? So do Koreans. There are snack shops, bakeries, fast food joints, fried chicken joints, pizza joints and burger joints EVERYWHERE. It’s all here. Even though Korean’s “big size” at McDonald’s is basically the standard size back home, you can still get Double Quarter Pounders with cheese.

However, the average Korean has a far smaller circumference than the average American. Why?

Many people have had many opinions on this, but here I share what I’ve noticed and what I believe is the core reason for unnecessary weight gain or obesity in America. It also explains why it isn’t rampant in Korea, though it is beginning to rear it’s ugly head.

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My Experience at PUST(North Korea)평양과기대에서의 체험

See video

I've taught English at PyongYang University of Science and Technology for the past 3 summers. This is my experience teaching English and soccer in the DPRK (North Korea). Running time 27:11

If you would like to volunteer to teach there please contact
The official school website is

Special thanks to all the teachers and students involved in this video. Joseph Fambro and Junia Kim, thank you for your great photographs :)

The Best Kpop Workout Playlist

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We've been on a bit of a health kick lately, and we've been going to the gym a lot more than, err, last year. Here are our top 7 Kpop songs that help keep us motivated at the gym and pumped up during our runs. Booya!
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Time: 06:04


Come Again




It always helps to speak the languageExcept when it hurts.


Afew years ago, I came down with a bit of jock itch, and it got to the point where I needed something to treat it. I didn’t know the Korean word for jock itch, so I looked it up, but the best that my old Essence dictionary could do was mujeom, which means “athlete’s foot”. Same thing, I thought, and headed to the pharmacy.

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