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Recently Featured Content

The Best Beaches in Korea

It’s summer, the weather outside is hot, sunny and beautiful, and it’s time to plan your vacation. However, you may still be wondering where are the best beaches in Korea.

We’ve put together this list to get you started on ideas on where to go to get your tan and water fun at. Mind you that during the peak time of the year, these beaches tend to get very crowded. Therefore, the earlier in the day you get there the better the available spots will be.

Pack your sunscreen and your coolers, because it’s beach time in Korea!

Essential Travel Tips & Guide | Korea Autumn Travel in 2016

If you have been to South Korea several times but never in the fall, you are missing out BIG time.

Best Korean Ice Cream Places in Korea

These days it’s sweltering hot all over Korea, and especially if you are in Seoul, a quick dip in the ocean isn’t exactly an option to cool down your body for a moment. But do you know what is? Korean ice cream!

You might have already tried out several different kinds of convenience store ice cream bars, but wouldn’t you also like to know which shops offer the most delicious ice cream in Korea, especially in the Seoul area? After all, ice cream is a popular summertime dessert in South Korea as well.

Forget about Baskin & Robbins, here’s the perfect guide for you for finding the best ice cream in Korea, whether you are here as a tourist or a long-time Seoulite!

Making Kimbab rice rolls

Kimbab Rice Rolls


Kimbab consists of seaweed laver sheets and rice. For the most basic kimbab, you’ll need ‘kimbab’ kim and steamed rice.

It’s a convenient meal that can stay fresh all day, making it perfect for lunch at the office or a meal at the top of a mountain.

The most difficult part of making kimbab is rolling, but once you get that down, it’ll be easy to make whatever you want.

Sexual Healing: Teacher gets Tested

Getting Tested
Free and Anonymous rapid HIV/ AIDS and STI Testing in Seoul

I belong to several KakaoTalk group chats and groups on Facebook for Expats and specifically Expat Women in Korea.  Recently the topic of some gentlemen within the foreigner community being less than faithful to their counterparts has left me feeling a whole bunch of emotions.

Pokémon Takes Over Korea As Gamers Travel Hours To Play New Pokémon Go App

Pokémon on the beach

For Pokémon fans in South Korea, the success of the new Pokémon Go app has been bittersweet as the game has not yet been officially released in the ROK.

Korean Summer Poems for Rainy Season

With rainy season upon us these days I've been spending my leisure time back here in Thunder Bay Canada reading and drinking tea. Lapsang Souchong with milk is usually my rainy day tea, most especially when it's a bit on the cool side out.  

I have recently started a new venture doing tea ceremonies here in Thunder Bay a few times each month in various locations around town. Mostly outdoors in summer in local park where you can drop by and see and even sample some tea if you like. Details for which can be found at my Where Wisk Way Blog or better still on my FaceBook group page Travelling TeaTime also to be found in the sidebar on this page.  

Viral Busan Trash Photo Sign Of South Korea’s Trash Disposal Problems

Trash Photo

Viral images of a trash covered beachfront park in Busan demonstrate South Korea’s ongoing problems surrounding litter & trash disposal in public areas.

Dear Korea #145: Keep On Keepin' On


Anyone who has any sort of presence on the internet is probably well aware of all of the drama that’s been going on in the states. Needless to say, it’s been having a bit of an impact on my desire to move back. This goes double when taking people like my significant other (as well as other friends) into consideration.

What a Trumpish GOP would Mean for Asia





This a re-print of an op-ed I just published with the Lowy Institute.

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