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Recently Featured Content

Bukchon Village Traditional Hanok Stay

Looking for a way to experience Korean traditional culture at it’s finest?  Participate in a Homestay or spend the night at a guesthouse. 

In the Absence of my Wife, my Heart Grows Fonder for my In-Laws

Anyone that has been following my blogs for a while (you never know, there might be some), will know that I have not always had the smoothest of relationships with my in-laws.  I think I have always mentioned what nice people they are, but it has been our cultural differences that have often caused some problems and frustrations.

Seoulmates' Valentine's Day Guide: 5 Fabulous Seoul Museums

Feeling intellectual?  There is no better place to get nerdy with the one you <3, this Valentine’s day, then Seoul.  With 100’s of Museums ranging in different interests it’s easy to explore your intellectual side together.  Check out my list:

Five Fabulous Seoul Museums

What I Learned from Breaking my Camera

smashed canon 7D

I have been taking photos for a long time. I carefully carried my cameras wherever I went. When I upgraded, the old camera took its place on my shelf as trophy that said “I am a Photographer” Somewhere between here and Canada I have my Grandfather’s Brownie, my Father’s Pentax Spotmatic F, My old Canon 300D and finally my trusty 30D. It was replaced recently with a Canon 7D that I got a great deal on.

Seoulmates' Valentine's Day Date Guide: Han River Lookout Cafes

Han River Lookout Cafes


by Third Bass

It was a Sunday night. I was at the sink, working my way through a mountain of dishes, when my meditative scrubbing was interrupted by one of the blings, pings, and dings that increasingly rule our lives and eviscerate our attention spans. It was a message from a coworker: “Jethro’s been taken to the hospital, I don’t think he made it.”

I stood there clutching the phone and blinking, running my eyes over that chilling insubordinate clause again and again: I don’t think he made it. What the fuck? Jethro–the dude I was bullshitting with just two days ago–didn’t make it? He checked out for good, just like that?

*          *          *

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