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Singapore Summit: The Trump Show Goes to North Korea


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This is a local re-post of an essay I wrote earlier this week for The New York Review of Books.

LTW: Sin-soo Choo and BTS shine in the U.S

While Donald Trump is changing his mind on the meeting with Kim Jong-un as often as he makes trips to bathroom in diarrhea, two Korean celebrities have made histories in the U.S. Sin-Soo Choo, a Korean in Texas Rangers, hit a good-bye home run, his 176th home run in his MLB career, on May 27 in the 10th inning against Kansas City Royals, becoming the Asian with most home runs in MLB history since his debut in 2005 with Seattle Mariners. Matsui Hideki of Japan had held the title with 175 home runs until his retirement in 2012. Another Korean sensation was with boy band BTS as they earned the first No.1 album on Billboard 200 chart with 'Love Yourself:Tear', becoming the first K-pop album to lead the Billboard 200, and the first foreign language chart topper since 2006 when Il Divo topped the list with Ancora in the mixture f Spanish, Italian and French. 

Please Help! URGENT! Need BLOOD TYPE B+


I want to ask you for help!

The friend of mine PYAK IGOR. He was diagnosed with BLOOD CANCER.  And he is really in bad condition now.  Right now he is in Busan National University Hospital (orange line. TOSONG station)

Doctor said that he needs B+ TYPE OF BLOOD  a MALE DONOR.

Maybe if there is somebody who's having this type of blood can help my friend.


For anyone  who can help  and need more information please write in the comments.

Thank you in advance!

Which North/South Korean Scenario is most likely five years from now?

Cheonjuam Hermitage – 천주암 (Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do)

LTW: The Summit

Can Moon Sell a Deal with North Korea to the Hawks, in the US and SK?

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This is a local re-post of an op-ed I wrote earlier this month for the Lowy Institute. Basically, I am wondering if Moon can get a deal with North Korea by South Korea’s  conservatives, especially in the press. I am skeptical.


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