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Recently Featured Content

Modern Korean Arcades - 오락실 (O-RAK-SHIL)

Have you wondered what it's like inside of a Korean arcade? It's not likely that you'll find me hanging out at the arcades in Korea, but from time to time I enjoy meeting up with friends and having some fun - especially the dancing games. I went together with my friend 진영 (Jinyoung) and we played for an hour together in an arcade in Seoul.

Watch us play all sorts of games together, including shooting games, the classics (basketball, darts), a punching game (!), karaoke, and of course claw machines.

Check it out~!

A Visit to Anchang Village (안창마을)


Over the years I’ve been told that Anchang Village (안창마을) was a hidden hillside neighborhood with colorful houses and art on the streets, very similar to -but smaller than- Gamcheon Culture Village (감천문화마을). I think its artful days are mostly over as most of the houses are painted completely in pastel. 

Break-Up Do’s and Dating Don’ts – Expat Dating Diaries

Expat Dating Don’ts and Break-Up Do’s

Co-P and I started having the inevitable (inevitable because he’s leaving Korea, not because he’s a cheater) break-up talk.  It would have been fine had it not been in Haneda airport 6 hours before our flight.  A few days later our fast, serious, fleeting, expat dating romance was over.  Little did I know then, he was already seeing (and sleeping with) someone else.  The confidence I had in our direct, communicative relationship was an absolute lie, and I feel pretty stupid having trusted him.  Because of the exciting, dramatic, and rocky way our relationship began, I felt like most of the time we were playing relationship chicken.

Korea This Week (June 18 – 24)

A selection of this week’s Korea-related news and commentary

Nuke-free Korea?

Corruption, not Foreign Affairs, should be Moon Jae-In’s Focus

2890This is a local re-post of an essay I wrote for the Lowy Interpreter this month. The pic is former President Park Geun-Hye, who is now in jail.

Michael Breen On His New Book, “The New Koreans”

Michael Breen is a writer & consultant who first came to South Korea as a correspondent in 1982. He’s covered North & South Korea for several newspapers, including the Guardian, The Times & the Washington Times.

Kimchi juice, raccoon cafes, and more in This Week in Korea

 When I came to Busan in 2000, there were a few small chicken joints in my neighborhood with quirky names like Goopy Chicken, Chicken Syndrome, and my personal favorite, Smoper, which presented a rare case of a foreign word – “smurf” – being transliterated into Hangeul (스머프), which was then used as the basis of its transliteration back 

5 Experiences You Absolutely Must Have in Nami Island

Located near Seoul, Nami Island is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to Korea, offering a variety of natural and cultural attractions.

Korea This Week (May 28 – June 3)

A selection of this week’s news and commentary on Korean culture

Is K-Pop a genre?

With the appearance of the all-American, self-proclaimed “K-Pop” group EXP Edition, the opening of K-pop cram schools in New York, and Jaden Smith announcing his intention to “drop a K-Pop single“, it was probably inevitable that fans and critics of K-Pop would eventually weigh in on the question

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