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Recently Featured Content

Teaching kindergarteners about homosexuality? Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education faces controversy over its Comprehensive Plan for Student Human Rights

After a five year hiatus, the Kimchi Queen is back! 

Coronavirus has been hard and boring. Hubby and I live in Pittsburgh now and life just seems like work then sit around the house then work some more. Since I'm no longer traveling for work, I decided to get back to blogging! (Also brush up my Korean) I'm probably never going to get back to posting every day like I did back in 2015, but I'm going to try to post something once a week. Mostly translations! Google translate has gotten much better over the past 5 years, but I do think there is still some value in curating and translating for the blogiverse. 

Don’t Bet on a Biden Breakthrough with North Korea – but Trump was Never Serious about it Anyway


This is a re-post of an essay I wrote last month for The National Interest, but since Biden just became president, this seems like a good time to put it up here.

The short version is that America’s North Korea policy options are poor, so now that the adults are back in charge, US policy toward North Korea will probably snap-back to pre-Trump form. Trump tried all sorts of hijinks – threatening war, then cozying up to Kim Jong Un – but none of it was ever serious and all of it failed, because Trump was buffoonish dilettante.

Liquid Sound Podcast: Mike Laveck

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North Korea’s 2021 Nuclear Modernization Announcements

Kim Jong-un examines ties with S. Korea at party congress - The Korea Herald

This is a re-post of an essay I just wrote for The National Interest. I discuss the recent announcement at the 8th Workers Party to Congress to significantly modernize and expand the North’s nuclear and missile arsenal.

LTW: Iran's Revolutionary Guards captures S. Korean oil tanker to get oil money back

Good morning,

While the whole Korean peninsula turned into Kor-beria with temp dropping to -24 Celsius, the coldest in 35 years, Iran seized a S.Korean oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz on Jan 4, holding 20 crew members. Though Iran cited environmental sea pollution by the tanker, it was clear Iran's move is aimed at pressuring S.Korean government to speed up the release of the 7 billion oil dollars S.Korea is holding to follow the U.S. sanction against Iran.  The two countries have been working on finding a solution such as paying with Covid 19 vaccines, but not much progress.  S.Korea immediately dispatched top officials to Tehran for dialogue, despite Iran's refusal to their entry. It is feared the seizure will last long as there is no easy solution under the current hostile U.S.-Iran relationship. S.Korea turned into a  shrimp caught between two fighting whales or suffering grass under fighting elephants.

Climbing Gajisan Highest Mountain Yongnam Alps

See video
Climbing Gajisan Highest Mountain Yongnam Alps is a feat to be talked about, with an air of some pride. I managed to accomplish this feat twice now.
This video is a summary of my first climb to the top of this mountain, and if you would like to see how to climb 2400 meters in South Korea, something that isn't easily attained as the highest peak here is Halasan at 1947 meters, then you will most certainly follow the Living Korea channel, like this video, subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell button so as not to miss the next upcoming videos on the channel.

Exploring The Markets and Alleyways of Daegu

Recently, I had the chance to explore the alleys of Daegu with a TV crew from Busan MBC. It was an amazing experience and I have to give a huge shoutout to Noe Alonzo for recommending me for this project. It was filmed over 4 days in Daegu and will air sometime weekly on MBC in Busan.

Before I get into the locations, I just want to touch on the experience as a whole, as this was part of a tv series where the team from Busan MBC follows a foreign photographer around the alleyways of not only Korea but abroad too. However, due to the COVID travel restrictions this season is dedicated to Korea.

Cases Increase but Remain Under 1,000 for 2 Consecutive Days

Wednesday, January 6th, 2020

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency reports 809 local infections, and 31 infected international arrivals, for a total of 840 new cases.

EVO2021 (Free Teaching Workshops) Jan 11-Feb 14 Registration Now Open

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Liquid Sound Podcast: Bathing Belles


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