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Recently Featured Content

2020 Liquid Arts Network 72 Hour Film Festival - November 19-22 @ HQ

The 2020 Liquid Arts Network 72 Hour Film Festival is now taking submissions from both teams and individuals who’d like to participate. Every year, this always turns out to be a fun event and the HQ Bar hosts the event with great care and flair. No experience necessary. And maybe none is better! Veteran writers, actors, editors, producers, and fashion artists and more can find a way to contribute to a team.

Chilseong-gak – The Seven Stars Hall: 칠성각

Chilseong at Dongnimsa Temple in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Hello Again Everyone!!

Grading celebrities speaking in Korean

Lately it's becoming more and more common to hear celebrities speaking in Korean, in movies or TV shows.

As a Korean teacher, I'm always happy when I come across these sort of clips.

But how good is their Korean really? Are they pronouncing things accurately, and are their sentences grammatically correct?

In this video I dig into the Korean of Jim Carrey, Blackpink's Lisa, and Lupita Nyong'o.

Who else would you like to learn about? Let me know in the comments on the video, or here~

Liquid Sound Podcast: CeCe Kim


Download mp3

American North Korea Policy under the Next President 2: Trump – He will just Drop North Korea

Biden calls North Korean leader a 'thug' but says he'd meet Kim if  denuclearization is agreed - Pacific - Stripes

This is the second part of a series for The National Interest on North Korea policy under the next president. Here is my first essay on Biden and North Korea.

Halloween event 2020 from BGN Eye Hospital

Halloween 2020 is coming up and BGN Eye Hospital prepared some special treats for you!!

-200.000 KRW DISCOUNT for ReLEx SMILE surgery

-FREE post-surgery eye drops (100.000 KRW worth!)

-FREE eye examination

A Quick ONE DAY Recovery with BGN SMILE! Only 2 mm micro-incision with minimum corneal damage, no flap and the fastest recovery, so you can get back to work and normal life right on the next day! BGN Eye Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology by the lead manufacturer Zeiss currently used in SMILE surgery. A combination of our technology and highly skilled professionals employed by our clinic has allowed us to claim over 400,000 successful vision correction surgery cases so far.

This is definitely the chance to get your clear vision! Don`t miss this opportunity to get maximum discount for SMILE surgery!

For booking an appointment and free consultation please refer to the following details:

2020 Korean Population and Housing Census


What is the Population and Housing Census?

The Population and Housing Census surveys all Koreans and foreigners residing in Korea and also their housing. Similar censuses are conducted in most countries around the world. Foreign nationals having resided in Korea for three months or more are obligated to participate in the Census. The responses you provide will be strictly protected under the law and used solely for statistical purposes.

How to Participate in the Population and Housing Census?

<Online Census>

10 Fantastic ESL Games with Baamboozle

See video

I share 10 of the most popular activities and games for ESL learners.

Every game is on Baamboozle. These games can be played ONLINE or in REAL class. You can use a projector or play the games with your own resources. Baamboozle is free and a great resource for teachers!




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