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Korean Terms of Endearment

Do you know Korean terms of endearment for your loved one? In Korea, it’s quite common for people to use words like “honey” and “babe” to refer to your significant other, rather than using their name.

So if you’re learning Korean, married to a Korean, or just want fun words to tease your friends with, let’s learn some Korean terms of endearment.

Illustration of couple embracing next to a tree with hearts for leaves

Talking Corona Virus with my Children - 내 아이들과 이야기하는 코로나 바이러스 [국제 가족,국제커플, 혼혈아기]

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Talking Corona Virus with my Children -
내 아이들과 이야기하는 코로나 바이러스 [국제 가족,국제커플, 혼혈아기]

10 Korean Teaching YouTubers You Should Follow

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There are so many useful resources for learning Korean that go unnoticed by most learners, so I wanted to highlight my top 10 lesser-known YouTube channels for learning Korean. The prerequisites for this list were that the channel has under ten thousand subscribers, at least 20 videos (and at least one video uploaded within the past three months), and contains Korean language lessons (not just vocabulary lists).

You can find links to all of their channels below. Here are links to all of the channels mentioned in this video: "All Things Korean"

My Top 9 Most Liked Images from Instagram

Before I get into the discussion about my images, I want to share a little exercise to help you in 2020. First, make one of these images here and see which images people liked. Look for any trends that you can see. What patterns can you find? What style of images connected with people last year? I am not an instagram influencer by any stretch of the imagination, so that is exactly why I am doing this little exercise as well.

How to Capture Cityscapes

The iconic rotary in Ulsan. I wanted to centre the image around the rotary and great the light trails to show how busy this place really is.

Gwangan International Community Fair Xmas Special @ Gorilla Brewing

Sunday, December 15, 2019 - 23:00


Come bask in the wonderful atmosphere of the GICF one last time this year for our Second Christmas Special Edition -- featuring your favourite sellers (with a few exciting new entries!) and, for the joy of all Christmas lovers, carol singers and our very own Santa Claus!

The Korea File ep88: Cuisine, Demographics and New Gendered Realities in South Korea

Listen to "Cuisine, Demographics and New Gendered Realities in South Korea" on Spreaker.

On episode 88 of The Korea File podcast, cultural and culinary anthropologist Jennifer Flinn joins host Andre Goulet to explain how factors like the decline in multi-generational family living, the increasing age when Koreans first get married and the globalization and urbanization of South Korea are altering traditional assumptions about

Trump and Moon are the most Dovish Presidents Ever on N Korea, and Kim will Still Give Them Nothing

This is a repost of an essay I wrote earlier this month for The National Interest. My argument is that Kim Jong Un is passing up his best chance for a deal for years, maybe decades, to come. Both Moon and Trump are extremely unusual, and favorable, counterparties for the North.

Fall Photography!

I love fall. I love the temperature. I love the fact that the sun rises and sets at a reasonable time. I love the changing of the leaves and the cool morning air. I also thankfully live in a country that also doesn’t know what a pumpkin spice latte is either!

With that being said, What’s the plan for this year? It is almost halloween and I have yet to head out and get those signature dead leaf shots. Well truth be told, peak season doesn’t hit my part of South Korea until this weekend. So I will be gearing up tomorrow for some adventures. Here is a basic idea of what I am going for this year.


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