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Recently Featured Content

FilmLog: Developing Film in Korea

If you remember a little while ago, I wrote about how to buy a film camera in Korea. If you haven’t read that, please take the time to read that now, if you want. In that post I talked about a wonderful shop near the Dongdaemun Design Plaza called FilmLog.

Using Zoom for Online Teaching

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Teaching Online using Zoom

Nothing's Really Real Podcast: (Ep 71) COVID - 19 and Friends

Chris Tharp and Sam Hazelton join me to rant about the Coronavirus and the democratic primaries as we practice a semi-quarantined life here in Busan, South Korea.

This may be the last podcast I record while living in Korea – we talk a little bit about my plans to move back to America. We get very drunk. Tharp shares a Memory of Regret and I turn Sam’s mic off.
I don’t regret anything!

A Quick 5-Point Summary of My Thinking on Corona in South Korea, Plus Links

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There has been way too much sensationalism about corona, so firstly, go wash your hands, drink a beer, and relax.

I was traveling for the holidays for awhile, so this is my first blog-post in awhile. Sorry.

My basic take on corona in South Korea is:

a) It is not a national catastrophe, and the foreign media has been too sensationalistic (CNN particularly). Yes, it is uncomfortable and disruptive, but it is not bringing down the state, creating panic on the streets, an apocalypse scenario like you’ve seen in zombie movies, and so on.

A Morning in Gijang

One of the last times that I got out before the major CORVID-19 virus broke out across Korea was to Gijang, South Korea. This is a smaller village out near Busan and it is quickly becoming a major tourism centre. With the addition of the new IKEA and the Hilton Hotel, it is a bustling place closer to lunch time. However, if you get there at the crack of dawn, it is still a quiet and peaceful place.

On this particular morning, I met up with a good friend and fellow photographer Lee Kelly. He is creating a name for himself in the Busan photo scene and it was great to finally meet up again. Not to mention that he brought me a box of girl scout cookies!

The morning started off fairly gloomy and I honestly didn’t think that I would get much more than a cup of coffee out of the day. However, mother nature was persistent and blue skies showed up just before lunch and that was a great thing.

BGN Eye Hospital 20th anniversary

BGN Eye Hospital 20th anniversary

2020 is a special year for BGN Eye Care Group, we celebrate our 20th anniversary and are proud to provide reliable and affordable eye service for local patients, expats and Korea guests.

To introduce BGN in more details we would like to answer some common questions about BGN Eye Hospital, our vision, services provided and why BGN Eye Hospital should be your best choice for Eye Care provider in Busan.


What is special about BGN Eye Hospital?

Poll: How are you feeling about the Corona Virus Outbreak?

LTW: Corona-19 virus hits South Korea hard


S.Korea suddenly turned into "Land of Morning Virus'. Since the first Corona 19 case on Jan 20, it took nearly a month to reach 51 cases until Feb 18. The cases then doubled in one day to 104, with the first death on Feb 19, and have been increasing exponentially with 3,150 cases and 17 fatalities as of Feb 29. Nearly 85% of the cases centered around Daegu, 323km(201mi) Southeast of Seoul, that have 5.4 million people with high concentration of large auto suppliers. No auto suppliers have been shutdown yet because of the virus, but Hyundai had to stop its No.2 plant in Ulsan that produce Santafe, Pallisade and Genesis G80 SUV because of one paint shop employee with virus. Over 71 countries have placed either total ban or some control of Koreans entering their countries.

How to protect yourself 100 % out of Corona Virus

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This video helps you to protect yourself 100 percent out of Corona Virus and other germs. We hope you can be safe from any kinds of germs or virus. Stay healthy, everyone!

Korean Terms of Endearment

Do you know Korean terms of endearment for your loved one? In Korea, it’s quite common for people to use words like “honey” and “babe” to refer to your significant other, rather than using their name.

So if you’re learning Korean, married to a Korean, or just want fun words to tease your friends with, let’s learn some Korean terms of endearment.

Illustration of couple embracing next to a tree with hearts for leaves


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