September Busan foreign culture market

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Saturday, September 12, 2015 - 13:00


The Busan foreign culture market is a place where people can come to share and buy items from all over the world. It is also a fundraising event which to date has raised around 13,000,000 for various charities and good causes. 

Donations of clothes, toiletries, children's items and broken or old computers can be left in August. We would also welcome any unopened alcohol or gift sets that can be used as raffle prizes (we are organising a special raffle of gift items later in the year).

As usual any businesses that want to donate a prize these will be greatfuly received.

Location: Gwangan HQ, Beached Bar, & Sharky's  (map below)

Some of the items available in September include

2. Fudge 
3. British stuff - chocolates, HP sauce, marmite etc
4. Soaps, potions & lotions 
5. Burritos 
6. Speciality Sandwiches
7. Home made Jewelry 
8. Baked goodies
9. Gluten free goodies 
10. Candles 
11. macaroons
12. pickles
13. Decorative & Personalised tiles 
14. Soaps lotions and potions
15. KOTESOL information stand
16. African accesories 
17. Calligraphy and hand knit items
18. Curries

Google Map Location for  HQ Gwangan,  Beached,  Sharky's  

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Re: September Busan foreign culture market
Where is it? 'Bars in Gwangan' isn't enough to go on.
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Re: September Busan foreign culture market

Good point :)

I've added a map image and links to each bar on Google Maps to the post above. 

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