Desk Warming- Comics and Art Show

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Repeats every day until Mon Feb 13 2012 .
Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 11:00
Sunday, February 12, 2012 - 11:00

As a warm, quiet corner is the best place for fungus to grow,
a warm, quiet desk can be the best place for creativity to flow.

... You doodle,
you fold the ultimate paper airplane,
or you work on the next Youtube mega hit... with paperclips and erasers.

Wanna know what crazy fun things other people daydream about?

How about a dinosaur desparately trying to find a job,
a mead maker teaching chainmail weaving,
mystic images of animals eyeing on you,
and a cute little girl dragging a drippy head?

Come to Backroom to enjoy the art of desk warming!

Desk Warming Artists
* Jesse Iacovetto: Comics
* Kent Hutchison: Paintings
* Karl Randall: Chainmail weaving
* Yuhee: Drawings

Date: February 11th & 12th(the second weekend)
Time: 11am - ?
Place: Backroom (please see the map)

* Chainmail Weaving Class : Feb 11th & 12th 3pm
Mead master Karl will show you how to make a bracelet using chainmail weaving. Just bring strong arms & determination to create an awesome accessory of your own!

* Comical Hats Contest
Got a funny hat? Bring it and take a picture with Jesse's dinosaur!
The funniest, the most comical one wins the prize.
What's the prize?
Jesse's one and only hand-drawn dinosaur T-shirt!
We'll have several house hats for those who don't have comical hats but comical facial expressions!
There is 1,000won contest fee and all profits will go to local orphanages.

If you've been to Backroom, you already know.
You can drink while you enjoy the show here, so feel free to bring the booze of your choice.
We'll only confiscate just a little bit... for the sake of thirsty children... or the thirsty desk warmers.


Check us out on Facebook at!/events/317788664923071/



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