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Where can i send a fax?

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Where can i send a fax?
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Hey, so i have some documents I need to fax back to the states for grad school, but i don't know where to find a fax machine in busan. Haven't really seen any kinko's type places around here--any help?! Thanks!

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There are Kinko's style

There are Kinko's style places where you can do copying and printing, but can't recall if I ever saw a fax machine in them probably because I  never needed one. My guess would be that they are more likely to have the service than not.

They are called Bong Sa (봉사) which is the Korean word for 'copy' they are normally located around university areas. For example there are at least 2 across from the main gate of Pukyong University and I think there are a couple across from Kyung Sung (on the row of shops across from Perugio apt. Take exit 1 and to straight.

EDIT: It's 복사 NOT 봉사


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I think you mean boksa(복사),

I think you mean boksa(복사), not boingsa(봉사).  This is either a blind person or a public duty or service.  

Any moongu (문구)/stationery shop should have a fax.

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Yeah, I think the above

Yeah, I think the above poster is right.  You can probably use a fax service via most stationary stores.  However, I have no idea whether they have a flat rate for international faxing or not...  You may have a hard time explaining that to the store clerk...  Guess you can just give the clerk the number you are sending it to (with all the area codes and whatnot.) and hopefully the person doesn't over charge you for it. 2000 won should suffice...  Don't take my word for it though...


P.S. In the worst case scenario, you can probably just go into any offices around your area and nicely ask the person in charge to see if you can use their fax (and of course pay the guy).  Most Koreans would be more than happy to help you.  (They may not even charge you anything!)      

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Lee Bum Suk is correct.

Lee Bum Suk is correct. Thanks. I stand corrected. Will add an edit accordingly.

Paul Gaasenbeek
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you can also go to a post office. cost me 300won to send a fax up to seoul. obvioulsy it would cost a bit more to send one home but you can do it there.

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