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What website is famous for Seoul foreigners?

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What website is famous for Seoul foreigners?
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I 'm Korean guy

I wanna advertise my website on popular website for foreigners

I know Korea bridge is popular for Busan and Kyungnam area foreigners

I'm wondering which website is the most famous for Seoul foreigners?

Anyone know that?


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Re: What website is famous for Seoul foreigners?


I often wondered the same thing. 

There isn't a big community site/forums like this for Seoul. Actually, people in Seoul use these forums and classifieds also. But, specifically related to Seoul, people read a lot of blogs, and some of them are very popular and get a lot of traffic. It may be worth it to advertise on them, or contact the site owners.



Try a Google search for "Seoul blog" and many popular results will come up. Good luck!

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