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What is a Certificate of Employment History and where can I get one?

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Re: What is a Certificate of Employment History and where ...
Who needs a 경력증명서? The employer? The embassy to get a visa? The immigration office? I think you only need it showing that you are employeed. You might want to check and make sure you don't need a 합격통지서 which is a "Notice of Appointment." If it is the immigration office requiring it, you should be able to do that here and should get help from your employeer. If the embassy/consulate general needs it, you better contact them and ask them what exactly it is, how many jobs are required to be on it, only jobs in Korea? Those kinds of questions. Best of luck! Please drop a line after you figure it out so I know what to do myself in the future if I need to get one.
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Re: What is a Certificate of Employment History and where ...

There are two categories in terms of employers; some small proprietorship business, and others corporation group like LG, Samsung, etc..  Teaching places usually belong to the former type. 

When a job application package asks you to fill up for a proof of your career history, you need to ask your former employers to do that on your behalf.  Because in Korea no employer wants to check any credit record of your SS for a job, they want you to submit your own records to defend yourself.  It functions like, so called a release letter to both FT/PT employees.

If it is asked, you can call your former employer to make an official request with a comment of the reason why you need it.  They will understand you are ready to get back to work with no bother at all, yap.

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Re: What is a Certificate of Employment History and where ...
My school, Tongmyong University, is requiring that applicants submit the 경력증명서 (Certificate of Employment History) as part of their package.

To be honest, I'm not sure why they're requiring them, but I would guess that it's to save them legwork in checking work history.

According to my secretary, you get this form from any current or previous employer. It's an official document that simply states the employment term (how long you worked there) and your job title. If you contact your (previous) employers and tell them the name of the document, they will know what you're talking about and it shouldn't take much time at all to print one off for you.
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Re: What is a Certificate of Employment History and where ...

Unfortunately schools have to ask for this document these days because of resume fudging.  Most universities and college want a minimum of three years somewhere usually in country.  People will do just about anything to get paid vacations and long ones without trench work like we all went through.

We had a guy who had been hired but was found out that he had only two years at his previous place. He tried to use the old but 'I was hired in Dec.blaa...blaa.....but you didn't start working until march!  I'm glad he didn't slip through and since he gave notice at his old places he couldn't go back  either.

People need to be aware that they are responsible for tomfoolery like this.  

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Re: What is a Certificate of Employment History and where ...

Did anyone figure out how to get a 경력증명서 (Certificate of Employment History) if you are not currently in Korea?

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Re: What is a Certificate of Employment History and where ...

I teach at a university here in Korea and they asked me for it as well when I was hired. If your teaching experience includes public schools you can go to the nearest public school to you and have them fax your former school you worked at and they will fax you back with the proof of teaching. Hope this helps

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Re: What is a Certificate of Employment History and where ...

I   totally agree with them asking for it , Some teachings  make a fake resume with fake jobs , Blame the former teachers who did this . Shame on them , 

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