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Western Foods Online
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 Transferred from:


Costco goods delivered to your door: (English site)

shopping delivery for:

Check out this website for deli meats delivered to your door. Located in Do-Kok Dong, Seoul

phone: (02) 578-6045
customer service: 080-420-6070


Summer BBQ party set B (note the large discount)

-모듬소시지1팩 6,400원
-히코리베이컨1팩 6,000원
-스모크 치킨 1마리 8,500원
-오리보쌈 1팩 10,000원
-세인트루이스 립 1팩 9,600원
-옐로머스타드1통 1,800원
총 42,300원----->30,000원


If you check out the top of the "food and eats forum" you will find several stores near Hangangjin Subway area (Volvo Building) that also deliver Western foods.. Dandy's Grocery has lots of popular itemsand is next to another popular store, the Hanam Supermarket.
8:30 - 8:00 PM, phone (02) 702-3313, fax (02) 702-3314

Dandy's Grocery (misc-deli in Volvo) Kim Jai Yong phone: (02) 796-2390, HP: 011-285-1443
Whole Wheat bread and rolls.. and excellent, thick shelled eggs! jam and lots more..

Local delivery in Busan!

E - mail :

(054) 874-3950

no English spoken, as far as I know
well-being foods..


For Easiyo you can check out these sites:

For Korean yogurt starter:

Some good cheeses, olive oil, balsamics etc
"Fresh Herbs And Ginger Ale Online"

They have basil, thyme, sage, arugula, dill, fennel, tarragon and other herbs. 
Also have meats, cheese, tortillas and sauces. 
Oh, an' cases of ginger ale.

Thanks to ORION for this posting.
acornrevolution for a large slection of Western, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese foods, as well as cooking supplies. - No citizen number needed. for a selection of spices, salsas, guacamole, tortillas, pita, naan, and all things taco - No citizen number needed - protein, supplements, vitamins - yes, a citizen number is needed...
acornrevolution just mentioned a site called Health Korea. When I tried to order from there (without local assistance) I couldn't complete my order without a Korean citizen number. 

SpeedNS is another site that has similar stuff which you don't need a citizen number for, and to boot the orders arrive likkity split:

I'll definitely vouch for tacohouse. Have successfully ordered from them several times, no citizen number required. And they include candy in your shipment ^^
When I tried to buy from, explorer said the website security did not have a trusted certificate, when i tried to diagnose the problem the website shut itself down(closed the window). anyone else encounter this?
Here is a Korean one for you VEGETARIANS:
oh yeah, now you are talking. it makes for a great stuffing for egg rolls and potstickers. 

good stuff.
Wheat Thins and Velveeta are good. Cherry candy canes > all other candy canes.


Nice Market
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Everything from one place~

Like to mention our site here as well Now with 400 different products including newly added Baking supplies, Mexican, Health/herbal supplements and Green Coffee Beans as well as forums for cooking/recipes, teaching resources and events in Korea. We are no longer just a deli meat shop! We also welcome any suggestions for new products and invite you to contribute to our forums. Get all the foods mentioned above in one convenient place, we are the cheapest (and size friendly) online 'English' retailer.

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