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Waves in Haeundae Beach

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Waves in Haeundae Beach
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Ok, best waves I have seen in 2 years-no rips, maybe 2 meters, and guess what:

Too dangerous!!!! Lifeguard nazis only allow people in ankle-deep water!  Such a waste for body surfers or body boarders!

Just another "fun day" at the beach!

waves in Haeundae Beach
hockeyrick, The reason for this is that a huge proportion of the people at the beach would get into trouble if they were allowed to swim in anything remotely resembling a swell, it's sad but true, if you spent much time in any of the swimming pools around Busan you would quickly come to this realization. Really mate, if you wanna catch some waves you'll have to wait until September and October, the water is still warm enough, the 'lifeguards' will have left and you'll only have to compete with jet skis for space! It's sad but true, I stopped going to the beach a long time ago, in the summer months at least.
Yeah i know, living thru my
Yeah i know, living thru my 2nd year . Never thought I would pray for September! They should see the waves in SoCal, like the Wedge, now there is reason for concern, but fun!
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surfing allowed, only for the early birds

Swimming was banned all day but surfing and body boarding was allowed before 9AM. The waves were all time, perfect swell window.  Im still on cloud 9.  Being from San Diego I am starving for a decent wave in this city.  I got my fill, pretty much had my pick of every set.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Koreans can't surf when the waves are good. 
True, the lifeguards are way too much in Busan, but its because Koreans dont have a clue about the ocean let alone swimming.  For some reason they love to sit on those inner tubes.  Its funny to watch them get sucked over the falls, colliding with each other, nearly breaking there necks or backs as they get slammed into a couple feet of water. Very dangerous if you ask me, inner tubes are banned on most beaches Ive been to.
But, it seems to me their needs to be some middle ground. Why shut down the entire beach to surfers and body boarders? SongJeong beach was closed Monday, no surfing or swimming all day. I still dont know why, being I surfed their the day before when it was twice as big.

As far as Haeundae, those waves were pumping all day without a soul in the water. Its truely depressing that surfers have no voice here.

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waves last week

Yeah, I think the most frustrating thing about the surfing ban is the arbitrary enforcement and just the unreasonable  and unflexible enforcers. We surfed good mipo on sunday and even gwangali was looking fun.  With the growing popularity (take a look at the out of control "surf zone" at songjeong) maybe we can come up with a solution or compromise.  Why not do what most ca beaches do and blackball the beaches.  No hard boards or anything over 4'11 when the beach is packed and take the blackball flag down when its safe to surf (usually dawn-10am and 5-sunset). 

Anyone want to march to city hall? Oh and where are you other commenters from?

nice to see response!
Nice that others have a little to say! Most say I'm an ungrateful "foreigner" and should learn to adapt to Asia. Well, been in Asia for 8 years. Anyway, wish the people in charge would give more credit to people with abilities. Most foreigners CAN swim, with just the opposite being Asians. But when they don't even let them in ankle deep water!! If I never hear another whistle it will be too soon! Don't miss much from Calif except "good" mexican food and pizza, but at least they give you the choice to make a decision about what is dangerous or not! Come on September!!!!!
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need a swell
hey all- have enjoyed seeing you all make the same comments Ive been maiking since getting here a couple weeks ago. But now that we've come to Sept., and Im green as can be over here, what are you guys using to stay current on what's going on for waves? Ive got this board in my pad, and it hasn't seen the water since I got here. Dying to find some waves. Dont have a cell yet, waiting on the alien card, but my email is wanderingwillies@hotmail.com. cheers. -craig
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sept 1 tomorrow and the surf nazis will be gone, hopefully. Then we can do as we please and swim in the "dangerous" water!!! And the beaches will be cleaner now that the Koreans will be few and far between!
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surfer's rights

Maybe we would have more of a voice if we learned to speak Korean?

I don't think griping in English on koreabridge.net is going to accomplish much.

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