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TV Listings?

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TV Listings?
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I have been here for about 3 weeks, and so far my husband and I are enjoying it. He had a contract before we moved, and I am still looking. This means I am home, a lot. I have been trying to find things to watch on television, but in all my searching I have not been able to find a television listing. Do such things exist? Where can they be found? Unfortunately, I havent a clue what the cable company is that the building goes with, it is provided and I will never see a bill to get that information from. A.C.
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Re: TV Listings?

yes   I know what you mean , On the tv if you have a cable box you can look a few hours ahead but its in Korean , tving.com   lists  2 days ahead , Its in Korean , That site you can watch many channels , If you want full screen you need pay some money but i think its not much  .2 day  ahead listings are found but its in Korean , I hope this is helpful for you ,   

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