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Anyone know of a sweet teahouse anywhere in Busan?
Joined: 04/17/2010
Re: Teahouse

Sweet teahouse in Pusan?...I think that sweet means quiet music, thinkable atmosphere, delicious tea...

Well let's see... There are two kinds of directions. If you have your own car your choice is bigger and bigger. In fact most beautiful restaurants and teahouses are located in near the suburb, Kijang, Chulma....It needs own car to there usually not supported by public transfort :(


So we should find the teahouses inside of Pusan. Well the names are as following in my opinion.

. PungGyeung in Semyen area

. TheGleLim in Haundae area

. JeynTongChatJip in Nampodaong area

. SoDamJae in Hadan area


I hope it is useful to you. If you need more informations about that send email.



Joined: 10/26/2009
Re: Teahouse

Don't mistake a tea room (다방) for a tea house, i'll leave it at that.

Joined: 11/26/2009
Re: Teahouse

Just go to google maps and type in "다원" and "찻집".  Both are names for traditional tea houses.  There are a bunch around but they're not always easy to find. 

I can recommend a nice tea house behind Lotte department store in Seomyeon.  It's called 하나방 and you can find it on google maps. 

There is also a bit of a tea district in Jungang-dong across the main road from immigration.

Hope, do you have any of those tea house names in Hangeul?  I'm having trouble finding them with just your romanizations.

Joined: 04/17/2010
Re: Teahouse

Dear Rutherford,

For more traditional tea houses name-.....Well there are as following even if not all. Of course those are just the restaurant names. The choice is on you. I just have visited three of them.

In SeMyen area
. PungGyeung (풍경)
. HukGalay (흙 겔러리)
. DaSoUl (다소울)
. DaJun (다전)

In Haundae area
. TheGleLim (더끌림)
. YeoIGa (여의가)

In GangAnRi area
. JunTongDaWon (전통다원)

In KyengSung university area
. NaBiChum (나비춤)

In Pusan national university
. ChaBatGoal (차밭골)

In Nampodaong area
. JeynTongChatJip (전통찻집)
. YoungJungDaWon (용정다원)

In Hadan area
. SoDamJae (소담재)

If you need more informations anytime ask me.

Joined: 04/13/2010
Re: Teahouse
You guys are awesome. I live in Seomyeon, so I will start there. No car unfortunately. I'll start easy and look for the spot behind Lotte. Thanks so much for your help! I'm dyin to explore this more! 
Joined: 10/07/2010
Re: Teahouse
Where in Hadan is SoDamJae-
Joined: 09/15/2010
Re: Teahouse

I've been exploring and blogging all the teahouses I can find at:


I'm sorry to say that  PungGyeung (풍경) doesn't exist anymore. Right next to where it was is 행복한 찻집 (not to be found on Google maps like the nonexistant PungGyeung.

I'm wondering about this so called HukGalay (흙 겔러리) in 'Someyeon'. Any idea where this Huk Galarie might be? Or is it all just a bunch of Internet lies?

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