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Hey so I just accepted a job there for september.
My pictures I used didnt really show my tattoos. Im a female and I think I wear them in a feminine way (as in they dont overpower my look).

The only two I find hide covering when its warm out are my forearm/wrist ones. (one is a colourful film strip and the other says "I want to hold your hand")

Im scared to get to the school and them terminate me on the spot. What are other peoples experiences with tattoos in busan? Should I tell my recruiter now?

thanks for any stories/advice!

Re: tattoos

Hello   I for one would not tell them. If they ask you tell them honestly. No need to give them that info / As you know you must have a criminal background check that takes time so they could not fire you on the spot. If the students likes you your tatoo will not be an issue. I have worked with ladies who have had a tatoo. I think no problem just dont flant it  by showing students for fun .  I once worked for a school when the teacher came he had just one arm. I am sure if he told recuiters he would not have been hired. But he was able to complete the contract at the school. About the tatoo its just my opinion   

   lets see what the others say  

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Re: tattoos

I have a tattoo on my forearm and its not a real problem because I just keep it covered wearing a forearm sleeve or just long sleeve shirts or light sweaters in the summer. The kids know its there (in my school last year and the one this year) and they act afraid of it or intrigued by it when they manage to either tear the sleeve down or pull my long sleeve shirt up to see it. The main problem is with the parents who will visit and will see it in passing, or when they come to register thier child with the school and it could be perceived as a turnoff (by your employers) and a reason why the parent may choose not to register the child making you look bad. Basically anything you can do to keep the focus off you as a bad influence is best in my opinion. It limits your work outfits a little. Other people I know have leg tats and they never bothered to hide them and its not a big deal, also the girl I initially replaced had a tat on the back of her neck. I find the ones on the arm draw the kids attention though a little too much away from what you are trying to teach them. They call me gangster teacher and also practice drawing on thier own arms or hands in class.... but thats probably something they would do anyways... I guess... Ok. hope that helps. 

Re: tattoos
Thank you so much foryour honest answer this has helped me! I better shop for some longer sleeves :)
Re: tattoos

I think you dont have to worry . I have never heard of a lady teacher being fired ,Lady teachers have a get out of jail free card . I do not think having a tatoo is a fire able offense .

    Keys to be a good teacher

1)Give your students candy and stickers

2) Bathe often

3)Dont wear too much perfume or colonge

4) Dont teach drunk

5)Dont teach with a hangover

6)Wear nice clothes

7)Dont just teach the book

8)Try to make students talk naturally

9) Have students like you

10) Have students keep studying at the school ( This is the most important ) except never do number 4 and 5 


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