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swimming lessons (busan)

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swimming lessons (busan)
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Hey everyone. Does anyone know of a place that offers swimming lessons in English for adults? I can swim, but not confident at all in my abilities and have very poor technique. I really want to use my time here to become a strong swimmer. And what better time to start than in summer? Any info would be great. Thanks.
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The Swimming class in English



I read your saying with an interest. Well it will be so hard to find the place in English in Pusan area even if there are lots of places in Korean language in my opinion.


So I make a suggestion to you. As I have swimmed over 15 years I can help you to improve your swimming skill .Even if I am not a formal swimming teacher I took some regular class procedure in the public institute. I can do whole storoke types, from free style to butterfly storoke. Even if begineers in swimming I can make them being used to swim in one month. Of course for free.

Every weekend I go to swim for my health to Sazik swimming pool. You can go with me and at first you can judge my ability at there. Your needed things are just only entrance fee(3,000won), swimming suit, cap, and goggle.

If you have an interest in my suggestion send me email. ( hope-749@hotmail.com )


DaeYoung, Kim

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Re: swimming lessons (busan)

I don`t know for Busan, try on the Craigslist.

I work as a swimming instructor in Seoul and most of my students found me on Craigslist.




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