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Ska or Punk Music venues/shows in Busan??

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Ska or Punk Music venues/shows in Busan??
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I'm wondering what the Ska and/or punk music scene is like here in Busan. I'm looking to catch some shows, or play some music with some folks here in town. Any nice jam sessions going on around here? Sure hope so. Any info would be huge.

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Plz let me know if you hear of anything - I would be interested in going too - Never crossed my mind there would be Ska in Busan!!!

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The Southbay

Well for a start there are Busan's very own 'The Southbay' who are very Ska orientated.


And if you check out their wall there is a punk night happening at Vinyl next month. Apart from 21Scott I haven't seen any of the other bands perform so have no idea what it will be like.


If you ever get the chance though you really should check out Kingston Rudieska. Not sure how punk they are, but definitely ska. Unfortunately they are Seoul based, but do come to Busan occassionally. Usually for the Sunset Live festival in Gi Jang each August.

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My friends of friends are in

My friends of friends are in a punk band they usually play at the basement, Soul trane, or Monk...so I'd check there for the schedule...lots of Punk in busan.

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Punk shows

Saturday, April 3, there is a punk show at Vinyl Underground in Kyungsung.  There are 7 bands playing for a 10,000won cover. 

Here's the facebook link:


I've only seen Psycho Rockets before, and they certainly were a silly fun time...  leather with plenty of metal studs, bad tattoos, and a drummer in tightie whities.

Muskokas Own
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Well, I don't know of any

Well, I don't know of any bands, punk OR ska, but as far as making one, I can play guitar (rhythm well, not good enough for lead) sing and play the sax both quite well.  I'd LOVE to get a ska band goin!!!

Bobby from Busa...
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Re: Well, I don't know of any
Looks to be a smokin' show this weekend with Burning Hepburn and the Southbay... july 17 at Vinyl
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Re: Ska or Punk Music venues/shows in Busan??

i thought ska died in the 90s!?

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Re: Ska or Punk Music venues/shows in Busan??

It's alive and well in Busan this Friday... Vinyl Underground in the KSU area.  The aforementioned Kingston Rudieska are playing with Busan's own One Drop East opening up. 

There's one more band on the bill... starting at 9pm.  15,000 won (which is a steal considering KRS doesn't usually play for less than 25,000).

Gonna be a good show!

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Re: Ska or Punk Music venues/shows in Busan??

Club Realize in KSU often has 6-band punk shows every few weeks on Saturdays.

check them out on facebook.

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