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Server Feedback and Glitch Reports

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Server Feedback and Glitch Reports
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Update January 5, 2pm.  We've now activated the new theme and ad system.  Still tracking down glitches, finishing up info and guide pages, and trying to speed the site up a bit.  Please post any suggestions, glitch reports, or other feedback below. 

Dec. 26 - We have moved to a new server located in Korea hosted by The Internet Brothers.  Hopefully this will improve speed and access to the site.  If you've noticed any changes (good or bad), come across any glitches, or have other side related feedback, please post it below. 

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I like the font

 the font is good, looks like u can get more on a page 

Joined: 10/26/2009
It seems a lot easier on the

It seems a lot easier on the eyes as well. Good job....

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