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sensible appeal for peace

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sensible appeal for peace
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Consultative Status- ECOSOC, DPI, UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNESCO.

Observer Status- NAM and African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights.

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Mr. Ahmed Hamrouch, president of AAPSO issued the following statements on behalf of the Permanent Secretariat

The Tense Situation in the Korean Peninsula

On 26th March 2010 South Korean own ship 'Cheonan' was hit by an unknown firing attack, split into two and sank in the sea. 46 people in the ship were perished.

While South Korea and her allies pointed accusing finger to the North Korean, the two sides trade on a 'war of words' accusing each other, and mobilising their respective arm forces.

On the initiative of South Korean Assembly, a Civilian-Military Investigation Group with experts from the U.S.; U.K. Australia and Sweden, lifted the wreckage of the ship and conducted investigation. According to their conclusion a torpido attack by a North Korean submarine was the cause. The North Korea denied this and strongly protested as fabrication.

There are other versions emanating from several sources from Japan and other countries, which gives a totally contradictory picture. To some of them it was a result of a 'friendly fire' during the U.S. - South Korea military exercises. Nevertheless the whole picture remain unconclusive. So for China refrained from making any comment. Nevertheless the situation is tense and the peace loving people in all these countries expect authorities concerned to act with restrain, and prevent any escalation which may lead to a catastrophe.

AAPSO appeals to all concerned to approach the whole situation calmly and find a peaceful alternative as it is detrimental to all the countries in the region. Meantime the U.N. Security Council need to setup an impartial team of investigation to find the exact position.

AAPSO firmly believe that this incident should not lead to any flare up in the Korean Peninsula.


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