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GOD is one
Joined: 03/25/2010
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I am not agree with your results, my picture only my picture has got 10 votes so i should be the winner. If votes are not counted than why are you people wrote plz vote? I am very angree with your dicision.

Joined: 05/20/2010
Re: result

It is really disgusting to see referees selected spring 2010 picture which is low rated by the viewers and actually belonging to summer instead of spring. Furthermore, the voting step is totally neglected by the referees.

It seems to be nothing but the wastage of time of all who participated in this contest because the prize goes to uncompetitive picture may be belonging to any relative or friend of the organizers or referees.

Organizers and referees should be ashamed of their act…

manager's picture
Joined: 11/02/2008
Re: photo contest result
I'm sorry to hear that you are so disappointed with the results. While we do take user votes into consideration, we also consider the opinions of our photo judges (who have no photos entered and usually don't know any of the photographers) because it is ultimately impossible to prevent 'ballot box stuffing'.  

While the 10 vote photo you referred to is a nice picture of a cute child, it just wasn't considered as one of the top three based on the criteria of: "ability to portray 'Spring in Korea' in an engaging way, exhibit strong creativity, as well as demonstrate a high level of  photographic quality".  I would also suggest for future contests, should you choose to enter them (which doesn't sound likely), that you rotate the photos before submitting them. 

Aqil, as far as you concern about the eligibility of photos, the contest was announced on April 6. All prize winning photos were submitted after that.  Also, please stop reposting the above comment as a separate forum topic. 

For those interested, photo contest results are here
Joined: 04/03/2010
Re: result
Manager is being extremely diplomatic and polite.  The photo referred to is a third-rate snapshot.  Holding a kid up in front of some flowers doesn't convey Spring in Korea.  It conveys lack of originality and talent.
GOD is one
Joined: 03/25/2010
Re: result

Dear Manager,

I want to remind you that the contest is related to the spring. 

Dear Crudler,

If water rather than flower reflects Spring then I have to say sorry to your thoughts and vision. 

The most rated picture as spring winner is enough as a reply of your stuppid rating of calling it as third-rate snapshot what your vision is. 

I haven't seen any originality in the selected snap regarding the spring!  I thing the spring is always reflected by flowers not the water. If you have to see the originality of reflecting anything, then please at least change the name of the contest. The best originality and spring reflecting snap is what we are refering to and is also the one rated most by the viewers!




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