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Private Tutoring and Business Plans

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Private Tutoring and Business Plans
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Hi everyone,

I am an English teacher with several years experience in Korea. I am now teaching in Australia and am planning to get a language school up and running in Korea in the near future. I am looking for some key business partners to get involved with this over the next 12-18 months. Basically, I am planning to establish an independent language school in Bundang or possibly Mokdong.

The school will offer a variety of opportunities for students to learn English authentically and legally. I say 'legally' because one of several options will include private tutoring. That is, teachers visiting students' homes once or twice per week to tutor. We all know this as being illegal.

I have actually been looking into this issue and it seems that different provinces in Korea have different rules about private tutoring. For example, one major provincial education department has advised that they can approve it if certain conditions are met. My point is, let's not assume that everything we hear in Korea is in fact true. We need to question the logic of such statements because sometimes these myths are created as a result of intentional and/or unintentional misunderstandings between employers and teachers.

All I can ask is that reconsider the credibility of this myth and contact your provincial education office and clarify the official policy. 


I am looking for three or four passionate and dedicated English teachers who are interested in this unique business opportunity. I am seeking teachers who:

- have been in Korea for at least three years and are serious about teaching English as effectively as possible

- have a formal teaching qualification or a Bachelor's degree and CELTA or something similar (TESOL). Happy to look at individual qualifications and experience on a case by case basis. 

- have some experience preparing high quality materials and lessons

- able to participate in a Skype meeting once or twice per month for the next twelve months to discuss preparations etc

- has some basic or intermediate knowledge of Korean language and culture and respects the role of an English school in the broader educational context 

Please note that I am not asking you to invest money, but to use your skills, qualification and experience as an asset. This project will requrie you to invest some time and energy, but not a huge amount.  

I already have one Korean business partner involved who is willing to invest to get this language school up and running as well as offer expertise with the education authorities in Korea. The investor is a teacher who has done quite well. He agrees with my basic philosophy in that to be successful, the business model needs to give authority and responsibility to the very teachers who manage the school. 

This ultimately means that on top of salaries and benefits, teachers involved as business partners will earn a percentage of the school's profits as well as an atractive performance bonus. The idea is thatw e work as a team for the benefit of the whole team but still recognise that individual performance be evaluated, measured and rewarded.    

Hope to hear some critical chatter so that we can get this up and running as soon as possible. 



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