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Penguin loves Mev - Webtoon with English translations

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Penguin loves Mev - Webtoon with English translations
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Helpful for those who are intermediate to advanced readers of Korean.

"Penguin is a Korean cartoonist who got married to an English man Mev. Sometimes they are faced with cultural differences, but they never fail to put a smile on each other's face. Follow their love story with this comic!" naver/webtoon

Korean with English Translations ^^

Joined: 11/05/2011
Re: Penguin loves Mev - Webtoon with English translations


10 more has been added to the list!

133화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 4(Wedding & Honeymoon 4)
134화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 5(Wedding & Honeymoon 5)
135화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 6(Wedding & Honeymoon 6)
136화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 7(Wedding & Honeymoon 7)
137화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 8(Wedding & Honeymoon 8)
138화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 9(Wedding & Honeymoon 9)
139화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 10(Wedding & Honeymoon 10)
140화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 11(Wedding & Honeymoon 11)
141화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 12(Wedding & Honeymoon 12)
142화 – 웨딩 그리고 허니문 13(Wedding & Honeymoon 13)

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