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Payment cheating - Interpreter job

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Payment cheating - Interpreter job
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Hi guys,

I am newbie on this forum. I have read many topics related to scooter or job stuffs on koreabridge but I just decided to create my own ID today.

I would like to ask anyone who has experience on doing interpreter job. My girlfriend has done several times so far without any issue. But recently, a Korean guy, named [deleted*] for anyone who used to be cheated like us, is basically a interpreter recruiter. His job is recruting someone for occasional interpreting job for some tourists or business men. I dun know how many times he has done his bad stuff before, but for us this was our first time ever being cheated on payment

He recruted my girlfriend, through the recommendation of another friend, to translate for one Vietnamese business women during her trip to Seoul. It was 150k won - directly paid job right after finish. However, due to some mismatch of schedule of the trip, so my girlfriend could not get money on that day but had to wait for 1-2 days as that asshole said. But then, the payment due time was over, we still didn't receive any coin from him, and we started to text, call, email or whatsoever. And from this point, he turned out to be real bad ass when he said we aren't deserved to get money 'coz the translation was bad. If that was true, he would have said or commented during the trip. Besides, my girlfriend majors in International Korean Teaching, and has done the interpreter job for so many times either in home country or in Korea. And we were thinking about bring this case to the cop whether they could help us out.

My question is, if my girlfriend does not have any degree or certificate on her interpreter job YET, does she have right to ask the cop to help her get money? Rather than that, its not about money (coz 150k, frankly speaking, its not really big deal), but we are kinda annoyed with this asshole's attitude as he complained and scared us if we do anything on him..

I would be really appreciated your time to read and tell us what to do. By the way, we are students. I have been Korea for almost 4 years but no Korean speaking, and my girlfriend has been here for almost 1 year, majoring in Korean language as mentioned above.

Thanks in advance

*editor note:  Because of Korean libel laws, Koreabridge does not all the 'naming of names' on these kinds of critical posts. 


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