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Parcel forwarding services to Korea

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Parcel forwarding services to Korea
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I recently heard about parcel forwarding services being a good way to save on international shipping fees, and/or website orders that don't normally ship to Korea. It seems interesting. ^^ Has anyone used any parcel forwarding service from their home country to ship online shopping orders to korea? 

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Re: Parcel forwarding services to Korea


They're great. They have 2 addresses in the East Coast (US) and 1 in China.

It's all in Korean but if you can manage gmarket, you can manage this site.

Rule of thumb...spend less than 150$US including shipping and customs will leave you alone. Except for clothing...you can order as much clothing as you want.

Banana Republic pants in Shinsaegae: $160
Four pairs of the same pants through them plus shipping: $160.

You can also give them directions about what to do with the package:
throw away original box; combine orders from multiple places; etc.

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Re: Parcel forwarding services to Korea

If you don't want to bother with a Korean language site or just want another option, check out Fishisfast (Disclosure: I work here). 

We try to make the service really easy to use, you can get pictures of all of your packages to make sure nothing is damaged, and we have a number of shipping options like FedEx, DHL, and USPS as well as FastBox Express Korea, our in-house option that is faster and cheaper than almost anything else.

I live in Seoul and get shipments myself regularly. I usually order several things off of Amazon or wherever and when they all arrive at the Fishisfast warehouse, I ship them all together in one box to save on shipping. 

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Re: Parcel forwarding services to Korea


if you want to order directly in France cosmetic cream like : La Roche Posay, Nuxe, Caudalie, Avene, Clarins, l’Occitane, Bioderma, Biotherm, Uriage, Yves Rocher, Nocibe, Daniel Jouvance, Neutrogena, use this parcels forwarding : ISHIP4YOU. 

Order directly on french websites or ask them to order for you, they will receive your package and ship to you directly in Korea;

If you want more infos, contact them directly at contact@iship4you.fr



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