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Paint canvases
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 I live in Jangsan, and am on the lookout for a shop where I can buy some painting canvases. I've been to the big stores (Home Plus, Emart) where they have paints, brushes, paint and brush holders, etc. but no actual canvas. I've heard there's a big artstore in KSU, but I don't know where it is. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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hi dubois,               U

hi dubois,

              U can buy all painting stuff in  Shinsegae Centum City , 5th floor at KYOBO book store .

Joined: 02/10/2010
painting stuff

hi u can buy all painting stuff at shinsegae in centum city.

shinsegae 5th floor at KYOBO book store .almost everything u want for fine arts  .. available here

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Kyungsung art store

There is a pretty decent art supply store across from the Century 21 building (Pizza Hut).  I am not sure of the name, but I am not talking about Artbox.  If you come out of the subway at the northeast corner of the main Kyungsung intersection (exit number??) you will walk past it before you get to the Artbox.  They have a lot of different supplies and they are probably cheaper than Homeplus or Shinsaegae.  Hope this helps! 

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There is or was an art shop

There is or was an art shop in Seomyeon as well, just past Judies Taehwa on the left side of the main road heading away from Seomyeon rotary. It's a few shops past the entrance to the underground shopping mall there.

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