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Paid "free talk" with housewives...pay rate?

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Paid "free talk" with housewives...pay rate?
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My boss recently asked me if I would be interested in having "free talk" with some Korean housewives, and also asked how much I wanted for payment. I usually enjoy my free time, but my wife said maybe I should do it. So, what is the going rate for housewives? 50,000/hr is the standard for most 1:1 private lessons, 25-35k/hr for classes, but since it is housewives and just conversation... I don't really know what a reasonable price is. Also, does anyone have experience with this kind of thing? What can be expected? My boss also recommended renting a study room. Seems like a needless expense if I can just meet them at a coffee shop or their apartment, but how much does that cost?

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Re: Paid "free talk" with housewives...pay rate?

I wonder who are the housewives and how are they related to your boss ? Never heard of renting a study room , If the students are related in some way to your boss like they are students moms then i think teach them at school or coffee shop or restaurant , You are a man and they are ladies so your hobbies and interests may be very different , So I think a free talk could be a stiff one , Better to give them a weekly topic and focus on that ,   Such as    sports , travel , photography  etc , Yes  a coffee shop , restuarant , going to a park would be better , Sometimes people freeze up in the classroom ,

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