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non-payment of salaries

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Greg Danielson
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non-payment of salaries
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<hagwon name deleted> !!! Don't work there!


Joined: 08/07/2009
i would advise you to edit
i would advise you to edit out actual names. libel and defamation laws are strange here. thats just FYI...
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Still not a blacklist

This post has been removed by Koreabridge. 

While we are experimenting with comments on job ads, we still do not plan to provide a blacklist kind of space. 

You can find a list of blacklist sites (some more current than others) at: 

Joined: 10/07/2009
I don't understand

I don't quite understand why somebody cannot tell the name of a Hagwon which didn't pay them.

On a personal opinion kind of note, I think mister the manager moderator seems to be a bit too concerned about comments and should just let people write what they think. And if somebody got ripped off from a Hagwon, why not prevent some other people from being ripped off too?


Oh well..

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Blacklist support

The bottom line for Koreabridge is that these types of posts have the potential to cause too many legal and managerial headaches.  I do think it's important to hold employers accountable and would be interested in collaborating with existing blacklist sites and those to come (Wakold, perhaps you're interested in starting one?).  

Aside from referring people to these sites, I have also thought about working with one of the existing sites to create commonly recognized tags for specific employers.  For example, Acme hagwon in Busan could have the tag 'acmebusan'.  It would then be easy for a site to create a list of hagwons and aggregate or link to  all posts with each hagwon's tag.  Individuals could post whatever they want on their own sites  and potential employees would have an easy time finding relevant information. 

I'm open to other ideas, especially from those wiling to put some time and effort into implementing them. 

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