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No degree, no chance?

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No degree, no chance?
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I am currently researching what it takes to work abroad (Korea to be more specific) and to see if that could become a possibility for me.

I'm a 27 year old, male, single, German-American dual citizen. I can speak and write, both German and English fluently. I have a German and US Passport. After finishing High School in Germany I was hired by a german company as a Software Developer. Because of my English speaking proficiency my duties also included teaching English to my fellow co-workers and clients, as well as translating and writing white papers, reports and manuals in English. After my employment contract had expired I decided to relocate to Florida. Currently I'm a Program Manager for a small business in Florida that installs and assembles training facilities for the military all around the globe and my responsibilities include nearly any aspect of our business processes. I have been to Korea before, as well as many other different countries so I do have an idea what to expect; to a certain degree at least. I am highly interested to teach English in Korea; and if there is a need for German, I can do that as well! 

I have read different things from various source on the web. Some say that you won't be able to find a decent position without any academic experience to where other sources speak of no requirements at all. 

Is it too big of a disadvantage not having a degree? I have read about the TESOL Certification and I am wondering if that would help my resume at all?

What do you guys think my chances are of getting a job there? I'm trying to be realistic and don't wanna jump into things before finding out everything I need. 

Thanks for any help and advice. 


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You need a degree for visa

You need a degree for visa issuance for teaching; English or German. That's the bare minimum immigration requires for a full-time contract jobs(E2). There was a special visa for camps and such and no degree was required but I haven't heard of this as of late. Either way it isn't the norm.  

There is little to no chance you can work legally in Korea without a degree. Even people with a F-visa(family; married or kyopo) that can legally stay and work would have trouble gaining employment without a degree as most schools in-house requirements would demand such. Aslo the fact that you have no experience teaching EFL in country would hamper your situation even further. 

I think you are better off staying in America until the currency collapses and then head back to Germany. 

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