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Need to shave this beard

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Need to shave this beard
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Hey guys,

Been in Busan about a month and its time I shaved my face.

All I can find though are razorblades and my beard is too long to use those without using a beard trimmer or hair clipper first.

Any idea on where I can get either of those? I have been checking homeplus and megamart but they don't have any.

Joined: 10/27/2009
Re: Need to shave this beard

I think Hi Mart has them

Joined: 09/15/2009
Re: Need to shave this beard

I never found an actual beard trimmer here, but hair clippers are easy to come by. I know that several of the electronics stores in Seomyeon underground shopping sell them. I acually bought mine online and that did me fine until I got back home where I got a proper beard trimmer. Although after a while I had to abandon that as well when I grew my beard long as even the highest setting cut too much off.

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Re: Need to shave this beard

Have a look in the camera section at any of the big supermarkets.

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Re: Need to shave this beard
I found several types of trimmers at Kukje market near Nampodong.
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