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Need help moving a couch!

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Need help moving a couch!
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I bought a couch off Korea Bridge and was given a number for a man who could pick up and deliver furniture, when I called the number I was greeted by a man that did not speak English.


I have two weeks to move this couch and am needing help to do so..


does anyone out there know of anyone who provides such a service?  or do any strong manly men want to help a lost Canadian girl with lots of bacon, whiskey, and beer in her fridge to move a couch from one side of the highway in Gaegeum to the other??


Any help would be much appreciated!!




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Re: Need help moving a couch!

The Zim Express mini vans that serve as taxis in places like Homeplus and Megamart will do it for you. I've used them a few years back and think I paid about 20 bucks. I can't recall if they serve the Homeplus in Gaya, but if they do just approach one of the drivers and ask them. I know the Korean word for sofa is the same and 'to move house' is 이사 (ee-sa), so just try those two words and see how far you get.

Failing that pick the phone number from their website that is closest to you. I would guess Jin-Gu. I phoned them once again a few years back to take my parents to the airport and with their broken English and my broken Korean we managed to sort things out!

Or maybe try their central number may have better odds of getting an English speaker. 051-644-1717



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Re: Need help moving a couch!

exactly where do you live?

I think we live not far from each other.

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Re: Need help moving a couch!

What are the dimensions of that couch?

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