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moving to korea without a job..!!how?

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moving to korea without a job..!!how?
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im planning moving to korea this 2011 and settled there....

but what i worried now..

i dont have a job there..

how im gonna live there...


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moving to korea without a job..!!how?

 Sounds like you have an entire year to find a job... spend one ounce of energy looking for a job that you are worrying, and you'll be set.  

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I was in your shoes before I
I was in your shoes before I obtained my degree and it was tough. However, if you are a gyopo (Ethnic Korean, citizen of another country) you can obtain an F4 Visa that allows you to reside and work and do what you please freely. If you are not a gyopo, and you don't have any sort of qualifications, it is going to be tough to obtain a long term visa. If that is the case, get a 90 day tourist visa before entry, catch a ferry to Japan every three months until you can figure out a better option. Honestly, if you are not working, it won't be a problem. I did that for about a year and a half while I was still a student and was fine. Almost like I lived here, except when that 89th day rolled around. The ferries are pretty affordable and quick, like 3 hrs I think. Just consider it an opportunity to see Japan every three months!
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