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Looking for a gym near Buam/Seomyeon

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Looking for a gym near Buam/Seomyeon
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I just moved to Buam with my fiancee and we are looking for a gym near us. 

I know there are many options in my area (especially Seomyeon).

I want somewhere that is open early and late, and is relatively affordable. A sauna and nice equipment are a plus. My fiancee also likes to do group classes.

Does anyone have any recomendations?
Do you need an ARC to set up a membership?


Thank you!

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Re: Looking for a gym near Buam/Seomyeon

best place for nice clean facilities and plenty of classes is Chicago Gym at D-City (use to be called Migliore) on the 5th floor...though the price is around 100,000/month (multiple months, and probably people, get discounts).

Re: Looking for a gym near Buam/Seomyeon

Chicago Fitness is awesome. Open early and late. It has group fitness classes and a sweet shower area complete with hot and cold tubs, steam room and sauna. They offer a discount for foreigners and it's about 250 for a three month membership.

Seomyeon subway exit 6 by the Starbucks. Walk striaght to the D-City building at the intersection. It's on the 5th floor. 

Re: Looking for a gym near Buam/Seomyeon

I first went to Chicago Fitness in 2009 Bling Bling Bling   very flashy big and nice   even has a blood pressure machine . Best gym i have seen in Korea  . I stopped going there and go to my apt gym . Apt gym is much cheaper but I do miss chicago . However I would have liked Chicago to make some improvements in the gym  . Same equipment     nothing new . Only now and then they change the juice bar  lol    .    In my 2 years there machines  got rusty   . Would have liked to seen improvements . Its  huge . Its very good but not great due to lack of modernness . If you go to a gym located near namp lotte its much newer . Also Sajik fitness near the home plus is much more modern . Depends what you what from a gym . Just if Chicago wants to the be best of the best need more upkeep and new equipment    

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