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Lasik Eye Surgery

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Lasik Eye Surgery
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I have been considering doing laser eye surgery. Any information about locations, prices, technology used, safety, etc would be really useful.
I had in in Somyeon in 2002 at a place now known as St. Mary's Clinic, located in if my memory is correct the KB bank building. I know that health insurance did not cover it and believe the cost was 2.5 million. This might seem kind of steep but at the time it was about half the cost of the same procedure stateside. I am told that now it is available for less, but I certainly have never regretted doing it. They were very professional and safe. They even have someone to drive you home when the procedure is over.

Let me know if you still have other questions and then something else may come to mind as well. This does remind me that if I did have any recurring problem with my eyes and went back there they always saw me free of charge.
That is great. Thanks for the information. I think that doing this procedure would be really cool, but it makes me really nervous....
smile.gif Well I was trying to let you know that there is very little to be nervous about. Like actually you have no scalpel to fear and they were also very careful about not letting me touch my face right afterwards. Another point about it is that living in Korea I think I needed it even more than in the USA. This is because a little more than a month after I had this is when I started learning hapkido, so I think it would be better for all types of sports and physical activity. Then it certain made going to public baths easier. Another point which this does bring up is that I could not go to a sauna for something like a month afterwards and could not get my face wet for about two weeks.
St. Mary's in Haeundae was the first to offer it in Korea. The staff there is very professional and several of the nurses have had the procedure and were upfront about what to expect. You can also watch surgeries as they happen in the waiting room on TV monitors. Kind of freaky but cool.

I am very interested in getting Lasik performed as well. Will it be necessary to have a Korean translating for me or do they speak english pretty well? Also, do you know which exit number in Seomyeon the St. Mary's Clinic is or do you know a website/phone number I could call?? I was looking to get a consultation asap. Thank you so much for the information!

Well I cannot seem to find a number or website for them. Also I do not know the exit number but they are in the KB Bank building. If this is not posted I would say look for that exit which has an escalator and stairs by some restrooms.
Which brings me to my real point. There was a statement made in this forum that, "I don't think there is any way that your eyesight with lasik can be as good as with well-fitted spectacles." This statement is inaccurate. It may be true of some people, but obviously it is not true of all (it wasn't for me). I heard other negative statements that proved false as well. In fact, an employee at my Lasik eye center told me that EVERYONE gets dry eye from Lasik. Well, maybe a lot do, but not everyone does - because I didn't. If anything, my eyes are less dry now than before Lasik.Good article.Thanks

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