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Joeun Music address in Busan? Or: where to buy a Yamaha sax

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Joeun Music address in Busan? Or: where to buy a Yamaha sax
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Hi guys,

I'm going to Busan for a week in the middle of October 2014, and I wanted to buy a Yamaha saxophone while there (I'm from Brazil, and everything that's imported here costs way more than it should).

I've been looking for it and I found a store: Joeun Music (<http://www.joeunmusic.co.kr/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=423036&xcode=001&mcode=002&scode=001&type=X&search=&sort=order>). However, I don't understand anything in Korean language, so I can't find the address in the page (I tried Google Translate to no success). I think they have a store in Busan due to a post from this forum (<http://koreabridge.net/discussion/bujeon-music-market>). Since I'm planning everything for my trip, I am looking for help so that I don't end up lost in the city trying to find this store.

Alternatively, I would enjoy if anyone here had advice on where to buy a Yamaha sax in Busan, preferably in a store close to the subway. I believe that there is a big chance that I might end up lost there...

Many thanks in advance! Good website by the way! Cheers


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