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Indian Restaurant in Busan

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Indian Restaurant in Busan
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 I've heard that there is a really good Indian restaurant near Nampodong.  Does anyone have a name or directions to this restaurant?  Thanks.

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Restaurant in Busan


 i know this restaurant at Busan National University Station. i hope you ll enjoy

420-23 jangjeon-3 dong  geumjeong gu  busan
Shawkat Ali: tel  051 517 - 1947

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Check out Jen Sothams review

She reviewed Wazan, the Indian spot near PNU gate. She took me there and it was awesome.




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 not sure about the name but

 not sure about the name but i have been to the one in nampodong.  

from the mcdonalds in PIFF square walk down the street towards coldstone.  at coldstone, cross the traffic street and walk down the alley a short distance.  it will be on your right.  it's just a small sign, and it's up a staircase that's decorated with indian pictures. 

the food is really good and not too expensive.  no english on the menu but everything we had was delicious.  

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