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Help locating Busan printing services

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Help locating Busan printing services
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Hello forum!

I am newish to Busan and I can't seem to find a printer that will allow me to print an entire book I have an electronic file for. It is from the (cough) Somalian school of computing, but I know that local uni students get these books printed all the time. Where can my e-book get some 인쇄 lovin'? Please PM me if you know of a shop where I can get this done.

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Re: Help locating Busan printing services

I'm presuming that you have actually tried some places? Maybe it's something to do with the PDF file, you would think it would be easier than a real book, but maybe they have legal issues if you are not in possession of the original book!


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Re: Help locating Busan printing services
At the central market or city proper in Busan you can find a lot of printing service businesses. Cheers, Garry "works at http://www.digiteksf.com/corporate-solutions/"
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