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Good Cafe in Haeundae?

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Good Cafe in Haeundae?
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Can anyone suggest a good cafe in Haeundae? I'd prefer something independant. Private rooms are good, but a regular independant cafe is good too. I'm just looking for something "different" than the normal Starbucks or Tom n' Toms.


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Re: Good Cafe in Haeundae?
Hey, if you're near the Jangsan area, Cordelia Coffee Roastary is pretty good.  I just did a  review on busan.cityawesome.com  Check it out, there's a nice patio for when it gets a little bit warmer, too.
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Re: Good Cafe in Haeundae?

I'd highly recommend Café Aslan, which just opened a couple weeks ago. It's actually in Jangsan. Café Aslan is a bit spendy, but it's worth it (in my opinion) because of its fantastic ambience and high quality products. Go out Jangsan subway stop exit 13, walk for about a minute or so, then turn left. It's kinda tucked away to the left side.

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Re: Good Cafe in Haeundae?

Bellaluna is a great little one aswell.  Its just up the street from emart (jungdong stn exit 7 go straight just past family mart).

They make their own chocolate, and my friend claims its the best cappichino in the counrty.  I can vouch for the brownies. 

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